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    My friend and I ordered a $40 gram of "Taffy" from purple dinosaur, If you look at my avatar there is a picture of it SO LOOK PEOPLE: It looked like the reclaim from the bottom of a rig, smelled and tasted bad, and had the classic metallic butane swirls. Plus if you look it isn't Taffy it is GOOP. You cant see the swirls from that photo, but you can definitely see that is nothing close to taffy!!!! I would tell you the exact name of it but it was deleted from the menu shortly after my friend complained. The owner I presume, Dave, agreed to make it right and was initially very cool about it. While my friend was on his way home to get his money back from Dave, he asked if they were still on and he would be home soon. Dave said okay. Then sent a text 5 minutes later (while my friend was minutes from the meet-up spot) and said "If I have to wait past 7 it will be at my convenience or I will mail it Im not gonna wait all day" (he could've just asked if he was close) When my friend called him and said you don't need to be rude to me I am a customer, Dave started yelling and cussing at him. My friend was irate because of his horrible behavior and told him "Im going to complain to whoever I need to that you are selling faulty product. Lets meet up and see who the tough guy is" It wasn't meant as a threat, he said that because he felt Dave was being unnecessarily aggressive. He said "What are you gonna tell them, you found it on the side of the road?" He deliberately does not label what he sells so it cannot be identified and it is because he sells bad hash and knows it. We waited for him, and before he arrived he texted "I'm 5 minutes away, I want no physical or verbal assaults. If you do then Jesus help you" my friend said "That's fine, I just want my money back." He shows up, with a GOLF CLUB on his passenger seat, another act of aggression. He had the window cracked, and as my friend walked up he yelled "STOP RIGHT THERE!" and then put the money through the crack. After he handed him the money, I started to explain he is selling overpriced poisonous hash, and that it is garbage . He yelled "JUST STOP repeatedly over the top of me. He was so rude and we were so fed up, he asked for the hash back and my friend tossed it down the street. He proceeded to yell "THIEVES!! YOUR NEIGHBORS A THIEF!!!" at the top of his lungs. We didn't steal it, you could see it in the street, it was just thrown because he made us irate and he was the rudest man I have ever gotten hash from and after the way he treated us, I don't feel bad for that at all. In reality, if you look at what he sold us for $40, you can easily see HE IS A THEIF AND SCAM ARTIST. Selling goop for $40 is robbery. We also got a $15 gram of bubble hash, which was much better quality. He sells his good stuff like its garbage, and his garbage like it is good. Less people buy the cheaper one because they think it will be bad. I understand with his business he is afraid of being jumped, robbed, etc..but if he wasn't such a rude person FROM THE BEGINNING that all would have never happened and we would have never been so upset. He has no integrity with his business or when dealing with people. PURPLE DINOSAUR SELLS POISON, AND I FEEL BAD FOR THE CUSTOMERS UNLIKE MYSELF WHO DO NOT KNOW BETTER. TOO MUCH BUTANE=BLEEDING LUNGS. LOOK FOR SWIRLS OR METTALIC LOOKING COLOR. I am disgusted that a "medical collective" that is supposed to have top-notch product, makes people even more sick. Looking at his pictures from the top, his crumble is mediocre at best but definitely not worth 40-50$ more like $20, and IDK what that black goop is that he has up there but that looks disgusting, and anyone who makes hash knows it does that when it is made with extremely old trim with mostly water leaves (you're supposed to pick those out and use close-trim only when making hash). I'm sure it is unpurged as well. I am not sure why that would even be considered to be displayed, that is garbage hash too. All of you new to the hash world need to educate yourselves AND stay away from Purple Dinosaur. My husband makes hash for a renowned collective in Washington and he taught me everything he knows, so I know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Due to this experience and his aggressive behavior and harassing texts, I made sure to inform him I wrote this so maybe he will get his act and attitude together.