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  • Credit Cards Accepted
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  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Veteran Discounts
  • Terminally ill Discount

First Time Patients

Bring the 215 letter from a licensed California Physician and California ID or proof of residency. Some of the wallet sized cards do not contain the info we must hav

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    They were so helpful and made me feel so comfortable with my first visit. I returned soon after excited about picking up a product I was hoping would help me even further with my pain and again my experiences were great!!!! Wonderful staff!!! Great Products!!!! Thank you!!!!

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    They never shut down. They are open noon till 6 pm Monday through Saturday. Summer hours begin March 1 and they are 11 am till 7 pm Monday through Saturday.

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    May still exist, but is only open Sundays
    The Store hours listed here are only Sunday from 11 AM to 7 PM. A phone call made on another day rang and rang and was never answered, but was not disconnected.

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