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    Used to go here often
    But this place was also closed and I don't think it's reopened?

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    Was a great place
    This used to be an excellent dispensary with a great variety and excellent customer service. The help keeps changing and the new guys need to be more informed about their products.
    They used to weigh the merchandise in front of the patients and pick out the large stems. Now everything is prepackaged and those packages have too many large stems.

    The place could use a good cleaning, medicine should be sold in a clean place.

    I hope they are open to suggestions.


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    nothing amiss
    I wasn't too impressed by the place (seemed a little old but eh what the hell) but I have to point out that they have an awesome menu and they really know how to make you feel even better than home! (there's constantly someone bugging around you to see what you want and they all know how to keep a conversation interesting). And the offers make you wanna just move in with them!

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