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Med Quality
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1/10/2023 - 2:39PM EST

Great place lots of choices

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1/1/2023 - 7:34AM EST

I drove in around 8pm one night during a snowstorm looking for some new strains. I came across Buds and went in to see what they were about. I met Lou, who was super helpful to show me all of her favorites and give me recommendations based on my preference and also what she enjoyed. I plan to go back again. Also, while I was in there I noticed that Lou handled several incoming customers on a first name basis. Very cool, small shop vibe. Great product, cool staff, reasonable prices.. can’t go wrong.

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tiffannie lemieux/fontelera
12/26/2022 - 10:55PM EST

I’d like to say I absolutely love this buds the staff are all so nice but one really stands out to me is Tristian my favorite bud tender she is amaizing I just wanted buds to know how lucky they are to have Tristian working for them she makes every purchase fun and real easy

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kyle elizardo
12/16/2022 - 12:25PM EST

Tristan was excellent would recommend again

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Kyle Elizard
12/4/2022 - 3:35PM EST

Wouldn’t go anywhere else great place to go

Where's Weed user verified user
11/24/2022 - 4:07PM EST

Jason was excellent!!

Where's Weed user verified user
11/18/2022 - 6:51AM EST

Absolutely the best customer service Always have such a great time. Only place I go..

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Rick G.
6/12/2020 - 10:02PM EDT

Very nice and courteous young man answered the phone and he answered all my questions.

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Dave E.
7/9/2019 - 6:13PM EDT

Got me saying, "WOW"! Love the entrance, I guess I've been waiting for the perfect SPOT. And finally found it. Great prices, Great service. Thanks yo...Wizard00123.

Where's Weed user
7/11/2018 - 8:00PM EDT

I only go to Buds, tried the others. Thats why my friends and family chose Buds. Best of class in pricing, quality, service and the vibe is super friendly.