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    I’m a patient in Michigan and not only does this place’s weed burn black since it’s unflushed and filled with chemicals it also doesn’t understand how a MI ID works. They confiscated my friends valid ID & called the cops. Lied about taking the ID to the sheriff. Then said it randomly popped up behind the counter snapped in half. He then proceeded to tape the ID back together and gave it back to my friend.

    All the while the store rep refused to identify himself even with a first name and initially kicking & locking us out until the sheriff showed up.

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    Love this place
    I really like this shop. Everyone that works there is super friendly and seems to be really knowledgable on the different strains. Large selection of edibles, glass, papers, vaporizers, etc. The location is really convenient, right near the gondola, liquor store, and grocery store. The shop itself is really warm and welcoming. Prices are reasonable and the weed is amazing! I am definitely going back to the green room next time I am in telluride!

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    I have been a MM user for more than 20 years and this dispensary carries the highest quality of weed I have found in SW Colorado. They also have the most knowledgeable staff I have come across in a long time. The store was very private and off main street which I liked for privacy.