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7/30/2022 - 6:33AM EDT

I gotta admit, I used to love this store and the OLD STAFF. I have a compromised immune system and they all wore Face Mask's when customers were around as is good company practice but lately like yesterday I went in about afternoonish and no body was wearing masks and just chit chatting and not being very responsive to me, I politely asked if the staff wouldnt mind wearing some masks as I have an immune disorder and they showed no empathy or care, they said that it was not a law or state mandate so no they would not wear face masks, I felt very hurt and the lack of empathy and care totally destroyed me. It seems like the company was taken over by a larger one and laid off the majority of the old staff here. I don't recognize anyone from the store who lives in the community, it's like they replaced the people who live in the actual town with outside grifters with attitude problems, the vibe is off, the people stare down at your very hawkishly, it's like walking into a penitentiary the way they act and stare. I will never shop at another LHS so long as I live. Products are piss poor and don't even do anything for me, I have to buy the high potency good stuff from Trulieve haha. Avoid at all costs!