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    Been here twice good prices and good supply of bud they just need to have a menu posted online

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    Dear Flower Power:

    I thank you for clearing up the rumors and taking time to honor your clients with facts. I have returned to your establishment, and am pleased that I have done so. Your bud, especially the cones, are delicious! I look forward to our renewed friendship, and pray that in the future, you do not let rumors run your customers away, but in turn, announce a brief summary of intentions. As you can see, it is not possible to run a close nit family business and expect your extended family not to be affected. Honor is KEY!

    Formerly Concerned Connoisseur...Now HAPPY CAMPER!

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    Dear Flower Power: I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in you. Been a client for several years, every other day. Until a few months ago, I was extremely satisfied with your weed, prices, and customer service. Everyone was happy, kind, and pleased with their place in your company. THEN...DEA confiscates your weed (, clients find out you were selling them weed w/unapproved pesticides, you replace it w/crap weed, you fire tons of wonderful ppl to cover your ass, and now you are scrambling to come back. I pray to all the Gods in Heaven, your doors close and you move on with your life. SO NOT COOL! Oh, and did I mention, 3 of those employees were there for 5 years, and one gal was due to have her 1st child any day. I hope it was worth it!

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