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  • Over the past 3 years I've been treated very well they are knowledgeable and concerned with doing the best they can in helping medical pts. and the community They'll order products if they aren't available in the store. Great pandemic services, drive up, wish they could deliver as i am partially paralyzed because of spinal & nerve damage ,ialways have to get a ride there. Our town is still trapped in stigma, i have to travel 15 - 20 miles to the store, i Always get a veterans discount also along with a med discount. they really do help alot, thankyou!

  • This is a top notch place. They keep lines moving, have great loyalty system, and knowledgeable, friendly budtenders.

  • Very well run, never been anywhere else so I can’t compare it to any other Illinois location. They still have that beautiful bar as the counter. It was from the Rockwell restaurant. I remember it was shipped from Europe and assembled here. It is beautiful.

  • This place is amazing. They know what they are talking about and have a ton to choose from.

  • Really good help

  • For the price the quality and quantity was insufficient. Definitely need to up the ante on selection. Price is just bad. Did not have to wait and now i see why. My advice...go somewhere else

  • Great funny and goofy people very helpful and Make you feel like home

  • Great people doing a great job keeping customers safe and informing customers on appropriate purchases. Keep up the good work, especially the man in the wheelchair he's the best!

  • Or is to high for re.c and you have topark like 15 mins away to then wait on a shuttle...and the flower is shit and the variety is also.

  • Although the place is amazing it's just the Illinois sales tax will kill you!

  • Double Dicking Recreational Users? I'll order my medicine from the web, in a deep dark place, please! Also sounds like a brutal long line...hope this industry just dies here in IL...the price hike for "legal" weed is f*cking rediculous!!!

  • The long line was expected, but the workers have no knowledge of the products they were selling, and not much to choose from. Asked for help getting a sativa, left with Indica I specifically told them I didn’t want due to their ignorance. Not good quality. Prices are doubled what they should be. Absolutely terrible service. Spent $150 on a product I TOLD THEM I DISNT WANT! They’re ignorant, and don’t care about their customers. NEVER GOING BACK.

  • Scammers do not trust they steal money. Not legit at all

  • New month, new visit. Flower not on menu "couple months" more is word of mouth. Website shows menus. Adult use menu updated regularly. Best local shop to Peoria for me. Look forward to seeing flower in the future. Price remains slightly elevated compared to other states, but hope to see it come down, perhaps, in the coming months/years. Lines have improved vastly. Showed up within first half hour after they opened on a Monday and was inside in a short period of time after waiting alongside building outside In a short line.

  • outstanding first time impression, keep the great work alive !

    torchup reviewed Touchup
  • Here at Chicago to give the best service in town! #Prime Cannabis

  • Day 1 Experience. Show up around 5 A.M. Someone says "knock on door for ticket". Wait until after 8 a.m. Tickets in the high 300's, I was double digits and waited long time. Minimum about 5-10-15 minutes for people to decide what to get and how much, flower selection limited, other options available were priced decently however stock quite limited it seems many items were sold out the first day

  • Great

  • The level of customer service was deplorable! I’ve been a customer there since they opened & am disappointed! I was being waited on today by one of the fantastic bud tenders who was about to complete the transaction & close out the sale when she was removed from the register & Kevin the manager took over. He was unable to complete the sale & had apparent difficulty utilizing the pos system. Then he could no locate my $25 credits that was In the system. I then requested 1/8 of flower & he did not seem very knowledgeable of the product he was recommending in response to my particular needs. It appears level of service is dropping off as Green Gates has increased in volume of business. Chris the excellent budtender took over from Kevin. Closed the sale, deescalated the situation & then followed me out to apologize for the inconvenience. It is not good business practice to interrupt the closure of transactions especially when they are open on the

  • My experience here was excellent. They listened to my cause and gave me the best information that they could give. looking forward to my next appointment.

  • Can't figure out how to get on the site.

  • I( have a card so the vast majority in my opinion is done.I wanted to get any info on your dispensary before I would change you are in the Arlington Heights location maybe a month ago the guy at the front desk refused to give anything what so ever and got very agitated when asking for info.Then very shocking for the dispensary he stood up which typically is showing that person could be a threat.However when you want around the desk to confront that brings it to another level.Then when Im walking out he is following me and then when Im actually out of the location entirely he is in my face now and now telling me to you are parking in front of our property and get off.I have believed in the neighbor hood you do not have ant rental agreement for the drive through to get to the street I know this for a 100% fact.Also he wanted to discuss even before he was done with the customer in front of me.Matter of fact he had to lean in his chair to the left to look around him.I said I was going to

  • Very helpful and great staff and great inventory. Very knowledgeable people about products and tools needed to help you.

  • This was a great experience. They accepted my insurance (Medicaid) surprisingly!! Office staff and doctors to the nurses and many students were all top notch! Great experience exactly how it should be. This was the easiest part of the process I wouldn't delay getting in.

  • Nature's Care is hands down the best dispensary in Illinois! The selection is so mind-blowing that it's nearly overwhelming. Thankfully, the staff is phenomenally assisting whenever one has inquiries. 10/10!

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