New Memphis Marijuana Dispensaries

New Memphis Dispensary Reviews

  • Or is to high for re.c and you have topark like 15 mins away to then wait on a shuttle...and the flower is shit and the variety is also.

  • Double Dicking Recreational Users? I'll order my medicine from the web, in a deep dark place, please! Also sounds like a brutal long line...hope this industry just dies here in IL...the price hike for "legal" weed is f*cking rediculous!!!

  • The long line was expected, but the workers have no knowledge of the products they were selling, and not much to choose from. Asked for help getting a sativa, left with Indica I specifically told them I didn’t want due to their ignorance. Not good quality. Prices are doubled what they should be. Absolutely terrible service. Spent $150 on a product I TOLD THEM I DISNT WANT! They’re ignorant, and don’t care about their customers. NEVER GOING BACK.

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