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25% OFF FOR ALL FIRST-TIME PATIENTS! Unlike multi-taskers, we like to focus on one thing: well grown, high quality cannabis. Admittedly, we are obsessed. Being passionate about what we do is why we're here. We love to share stories about where our...


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    CLOSED!!! Drove all the way there to find a closed shop with no sign or anything. And they have the nerve to show that they open everyday until 10pm. I was seriously pissed because of all this crap. WASTE OF GAS!!!

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    This place appears to carry Cali greenhouse bud but are literally half the price of other dispensaries plus they have harlequin, and a bunch of good ogs like tk. They have about 20 strains and so far delivery service is such a better value out here. The quality of growing is a little under the competition here but since they have better strains its better for the patient. Thanks!

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    Amazing meds and great service! What more can you ask for!! Bunior Pharms is it!!

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