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  • Delivery Only
  • Recreational
  • 21+ Only
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Veteran Discounts
  • Terminally ill Discount

First Time Patients

We need a Copy of your Photo ID to make sure your are over 21 or Medical card.


Boston's Caregivers is the premier marijuana delivery service in Boston, MA and the surrounding area. We provide a variety of products, including medical marijuana, recreational cannabis, marijuana edibles, vape...


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    1st time trying a delivery service (instead of “my guy”) I put in an order at another place and waited 3 hours with no response. Felt pretty bummed. Then, I found Boston’s Caregivers and decided to give it 1 more shot. They were awesome! Speedy service and speedy delivery, very competitive prices, no crazy fees! I would def recommend them, they’re legit.

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    Great buisness, called and got a menu texted right to me i placed my order and within 5 minutes a driver texted to confirm address and was here in about 1 hr with good nugs for a good price. Also got some pretty good shatter. All around a good experience

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    How do I get a menu

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    Business reply:

    Appreciate your business! And to many more orders =)

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    Business reply:

    send us a text at 9782105155

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