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  • Temescal Wellness/HUDSON is in a perfect location just off rt 495 (Hudson/Berlin) so across the street from a gas station/ in store Dunkins, hotel, minutes from downtown hudson and also minutes from a strip plaza with Market Basket, 110 Grill, Subway, and Mooyah in the opposite direction. As a MA medical patient, you can park at the property and have your own register for a speedy transaction. Recreational (adult-use) including out of state medical consumers have to use a shuttle located at 26 Houghton Ct. (downtown hudson) and it's quick, safe, and with normal drivers. Usually there's no line and the shuttle is not much of a inconvenience. Sometimes there's a handful of customers and during wintry weather they bring out two shuttles. It's a agreement with the town and for security in mind. I really like their flower from brand name Perch Harvests •only• becuz it's sticky, grown with care, and dried/cured very well. I've been to a dozen dispensaries here up to 60 mile r

  • This place is amazing. Chris is so knowledgeable and the store is set up perfectly

  • To be forced to park across town and shuttle over when lines are non-existent and the parking lot is empty is outrageous. I'm an out-of-state medical patient with credentials. I understand you don't take my creds, but come on. A bit of compassion, please?

  • Great selection. Multiple products and strains.

  • Thank you Mathew in Worcester , your help was invaluble and made the process so much easier for my elderly veteran family members . Thank you a million times I know this will help witha mirage of issues and heal them well.

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