Dispensary Reviews in Copper City, MI

  • No longer sells medicine. The local religious group pressured the local politicians and all but one of the counties dispensaries were shut down. This was a great place. God damn shame.

  • Been going here for over three yrs. Great people, unless your trying to skirt the rules! Always friendly with good meds. Thanks guys!!

  • Very friendly & knowledgeable. Edibles are good & decently priced...but didn't like the Strawberry Apple hard candy ..tasted like a cough drop As for the bud...good quality but prices are kind of high.

  • People were friendly and helpful and seemed genuinely concerned about my needs. Buds were of average quality but I go there for the edibles which were above average although not as varied as down state. Being the only dispensary in the area I was pleased that the prices were as low as they were.

  • In a continuous search to learn what my regional provisional sites have to offer me, the patient, I am indeed fortunate to live near Hubbell(Lake Linden) and enjoy the benefits of the Noggin: Pleasant, clean, knowledgeable, impressive selection of grow products, with prices that undercut eBay. I cannot comment on the medical selection, but wait, I'll be back 😃

  • I returned about a month later and was told the same thing, I asked why, they told me they where advised not to do caregiver transactions. I was very confused by this but its their place of business and I respect that. I then tried to purchase a health screen and was also turned away because I was only a caregiver. So idk I have been to Northern Specialty Health 2 times and was only able to purchase Butane from there as a Legal Michigan Medical Marihuana Caregiver only.

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