Marijuana Doctor Reviews in Davisburg, MI

  • the tribe has the most fire bud i have had in my life no cap. that sunshine #4 goes harder than ever

  • Dope as fuck

  • Tried to place a new patient order, as the website stated they were accepting new patients and had a new patient special. Was informed that they were not taking new patients (Not an issue, there are literally hundreds of dispensaries to chose from). I sent a screenshot of their weedmaps page and simply stated that they might want to update. Instead of receiving an apology for inconvenience or for misinformation, I received a snarky message. Super unnecessary and poor customer service. Way to lose a potential client to another company. There are way too many businesses that treat people respectfully to bother with immaturity. Save y’all time and money and order from someone else. Update: After posting my review, I have received harassing text messages. Please avoid these thugs.

  • Absolutely love this place. The staff are extremely educated and very helpful. The layout is superior!! Any questions you have will be answered honestly and and up to date products. My only issue, which is my personal preference, the product is prepackaged. I do not care for that type of business

  • Love the green house of walled lake and their supply of medication!

  • Very punctual and understanding

  • When I order it doesnt take long for him to respond and get my meds to me. I have used a cpl of times and plan on to continue to use this service.

  • Great! Driver is very kind, dependable and understanding. Once I slept through when he was scheduled to deliver and he kindly returned real soon after that. He's never tried to change my order and always has what is on the menu! You can count on a safe, crazy strong, and consistent product!

  • I love this service! Great friendly customer service. Great quality! Good communication.

  • professional service / very honest

  • Vary good experience. .since it was my first order with my card.will order again. Thks

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