Cannabis in Minnesota

Minnesota Cannabis Laws

Is Weed Legal in Minnesota?   

Only medical marijuana is legal in Minnesota. After the passing of Senate File 2460 in May of 2014, Minnesota joined the growing list of states to legalize marijuana for medicinal use. This legislation is fairly restrictive and created an expensive program for most patients. The law determined only two in-state cultivators for marijuana and made flower and edibles illegal. There are also currently only 8 dispensaries in the state, making it difficult for some consumers to access medical marijuana. 8 more dispensaries can open in 2020, adding more points of access to patients across the state. It is also not legal for patients to grow their own marijuana plants, forcing patients to purchase from the state-approved dispensaries.

Unfortunately, marijuana for recreational use is still illegal in Minnesota. There have been some laws to further decriminalize cannabis, but it still remains illegal. Those caught with 42.5 grams or less are treated as a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $200. Furthermore, there is a possibility to clear the misdemeanor from the offender’s record, and the option to go through drug education courses after the first offense. With a recent bill introduced to legalize marijuana for recreational use, we’re hopeful that legalization is around the corner.

Buying Marijuana in Minnesota 

Unfortunately, purchasing marijuana in Minnesota can be expensive and difficult to do. There are only 8 open dispensaries in the state, and the limited amount of suppliers drives up the cost of products. 

Buying Marijuana at a Retail Location 

Those wishing to purchase marijuana at a retail location must first have a valid medical marijuana card. The two cultivators in the state, Minnesota Medical Solutions and Leafline Labs, both have 4 dispensaries open in major cities around the state. There are several restrictions in the purchasing process, with dispensaries not able to sell flower or edible products and only able to accept cash or debit cards.

Using a Marijuana Delivery Service 

It is not currently possible to order marijuana for delivery from any dispensary in Minnesota. There has not been any move to change this, but with an extensive bill on the table to legalize marijuana for recreational use, this might happen in the near future.

Store Hours 

There are no restrictions as to when dispensaries can operate in Minnesota. Check out www.wheresweed.com to find out the daily operating hours for the nearest dispensary!

Purchasing Restrictions 

Patients with a valid medical marijuana card can possess and purchase up to 30 days of medicine at one time. This amount is determined by the prescribing doctor.

Available Products

Minnesota is quite strict regarding the products that are available for patients to consume. Currently, medical marijuana cardholders are unable to purchase flower, and edibles are severely restricted. This means that patients are left with THC pills, oil, and liquid forms of medicine. Starting in the summer of 2020, patients can purchase cannabis powders, lozenges, gums, and tablets.

Taxes on Marijuana in Minnesota

Taxes on Recreational Marijuana in Minnesota

Due to its illegal status, recreational marijuana is not able to be sold in Minnesota. It is also unclear what taxes might be invoked upon legalization, should it happen.

Taxes on Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

Luckily for patients, there is currently no sales tax on medical marijuana products. There is a state sales tax on products like vaporizers, however. Medical marijuana tends to be more expensive in Minnesota as there are only two licensed businesses to produce and sell marijuana. 


In Minnesota, medical marijuana patients must only possess the amount prescribed to them by their doctor and no more. While recreational marijuana is still illegal, it has been decriminalized to a degree. Those caught in possession of 42.5 grams or less are subject to a misdemeanor and up to $200 in fines.

Using Marijuana in Minnesota

Marijuana consumption is quite restricted in Minnesota at the moment. Medical marijuana patients are only able to consume prescribed marijuana in their own homes or with the permission of the homeowner. If the recent recreational marijuana bill should be passed, consumers will be able to consume at licensed businesses and even events such as festivals and concerts. Stay tuned - we’ll keep this page updated!

Areas in Minnesota that DO allow the use of marijuana:

  • Private residence

  • Private land that is out of sight of the public 

Areas in Minnesota that DO NOT allow the use of marijuana:

  • Any motor vehicle

  • Any public land

  • School grounds 

  • University campuses 

  • Federal lands

Smoking on Federal Lands 

While medical marijuana is legal in Minnesota, it is still unfortunately illegal on a federal level. This means that consumers are not able to smoke or consume marijuana on any federal lands. 

Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

Medical marijuana is currently the only way to legally consume cannabis in Minnesota. With the passing of Senate File 2460, Minnesota joined the ever-growing list of states with legalized medical marijuana. Unfortunately, this legalization was quite restrictive and limiting when it was first introduced. Originally there were only 9 accepted qualifying conditions and only 8 dispensary licenses granted to 2 cultivators. Furthermore, patients did not have access to cannabis flower or edibles. The program is expensive to apply for, with a hefty $200 annual fee. Products also are quite expensive with the inability to purchase flower or edibles and just two companies to buy from. 

A few positives have changed in recent years, with expanded dispensary licenses granted and the ability to buy some edibles such as lozenges, powders, and gum. There have also been more approved qualifying conditions added to the list, expanding the program to grant access to more patients. 

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Minnesota

Luckily, applying for a medical marijuana card in Minnesota is not too difficult. 

  1. Patients must first be diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions approved by the state.

  2. Next, patients must register with the Office of Medical Cannabis online and wait up to 30 days for approval.

  3. Finally, patients must pay a $200 fee annually to maintain their MMJ card.

Out of State Medical Cards Minnesota

Unfortunately out of state medical marijuana cards are not currently accepted in Minnesota.

How to Transport Marijuana in Minnesota

Transporting Marijuana in Minnesota

Medical marijuana patients and caregivers need to be mindful when transporting their cannabis. It is legal to drive with cannabis in the car, but it must be in the trunk of the vehicle to avoid open container charges.

Driving While Under the Influence of Marijuana 

While Minnesota has no THC blood limit imposed, it is still highly illegal to drive while under the influence of marijuana. Those caught can face serious consequences and receive a DWI.

Driving Across State Lines with Marijuana 

Despite legalization efforts in Minnesota, driving across state lines puts you into federal jurisdiction. Due to its illegality on a federal level, one should avoid driving across state lines with cannabis in the car. 

Growing Marijuana in Minnesota

It is not legal for medical marijuana patients or caregivers to grow their own marijuana in Minnesota. The only thing that would change this would be the legalization efforts that are currently on the table for recreational cannabis. If this bill were to pass, it would allow consumers to grow up to 8 plants at home.


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