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Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

On May 29, 2014, the state of Minnesota passed bill SF 2470 which allows for patients with qualifying conditions to be treated with medical cannabis. “Medical cannabis” is defined as any species of the genus cannabis plant delivered in the forms of liquid (oil), pill, and vaporized delivery method that does not require the use of dried leaves or plant form. In Minnesota, smoking is not a method approved by the bill. When the state-licensed dispensaries open up in July 2015, patients will be able to get a 30-day supply of their medicine at a time.

Frequently asked questions about medical cannabis in Minnesota:

  • How do I get a medical marijuana card in Minnesota?

    To obtain a medical marijuana card in Minnesota, patients must have a recommendation from a state-licensed physician stating that you are suffering from a medical condition and may benefit from the use of medical cannabis.

  • Where can I find a doctor for a medical marijuana recommendation in Minnesota?

    To find a doctor for a medical marijuana recommendation, please enter your location in the search field above.

  • What is needed to submit an application for a medical marijuana card?

    • Completed and signed application
    • Written Physician Certification
    • Proof of Residency
    • Application Fee - $200.00 ($50.00 for patients on Social Security disability, Supplemental Security Insurance, or enrolled in MinnesotaCare)
  • Where can I purchase medical marijuana in Minnesota?

    The Commissioner of Health will register roughly four in-state manufacturers for the production of all of the medical cannabis in the state. When these do open, the patients will receive the recommended dosage of their medicine in 30-day supplies. The state of Minnesota has a plan set to open these facilities in July, 2015.

Recreational Marijuana in Minnesota

At this point in time, the state seems to be divided in their votes when it comes to legalizing recreational marijuana in Minnesota. Of the roughly 7,600 people who filled out ballots in 2014, 48% of the people were against allowing the recreational use of cannabis for persons 21 years of age and older. Most of the citizens in favor of legalization believe the product should be taxed and regulated just like alcohol.

Frequently asked questions about recreational cannabis in Minnesota:

  • How old do I have to be to purchase recreational marijuana in Minnesota?

    Currently, the use of recreational marijuana is illegal in the state of Minnesota. If and when recreational marijuana becomes legal in Montana, consumers would need to be at least 21 years of age or older to purchase in retail stores. As with alcohol, it is illegal to give or sell marijuana to minors.

  • Where can I purchase recreational marijuana in Minnesota?

    There are currently no retail marijuana stores in the state of Minnesota. Beginning July 1, 2015, there will be roughly four manufacturers for the production of medical cannabis only.

  • Where am I legally allowed to consume recreational marijuana?

    It is illegal to consume recreational or medical cannabis in public settings including federal land, parks, in cars, concerts, etc. Medical cannabis patients may consume their medicine in private settings only.

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  • ow much recreational marijuana can I have in my possession in the state of Minnesota?

    Unless you have a state-issued medical marijuana card, you are not allowed to possess any cannabis in the state of Minnesota.