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Lighthouse Organics just opened in Lockwood Plaza on the outskirts of Billings and is ready to meet your needs! Our medicine is pesicide-free, high quality, and tenderly grown with an intimidating list of nutrients and know-how. We offer an...


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    I can always count on the medicine to be clean. Every strain has it's own individual scent, taste and is of very high connoisseur quality. I have read some people complain about the customer service but I think those who are complaining must just be a bunch of whiners. I have yet to ever have a bad experience in this dispensary and I've been going to them since 2014. I would never go any where else. I think they probably also have the best prices in Billings. Check this place out. You won't go wrong!

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    The customer service was excellent very nice people and nice variety

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