Aline Dispensary Reviews

  • I was looking for a great place, was so happy to find this one!! I'm only on town every now and then but if my time allows it I'll always stop in!!!

  • I wish there was a contact number for the Dewey location. I called a different big buds location to inquire on an application I submitted. I was informed someone would be in touch. I don't want to bother another location again. However I am truly interested in the open position.

  • I used to like this place alot, they had good deals and point system rocked. But I went in today, the old lady acting like the new owner moving things and changing prices - she misgendered me even after I politely informed her. Never going in there again, rude blonde lady with a smile on her face. I'm a nice man, I don't deserve to be treated as if I'm wearing a child's princess gown while I'm buying meds for my IBS UPDATE- I reviewed them on Facebook and the employees attached me calling me a liar?? I left a review because I was genuinely hurt and they called me a troll. I'm actually confused. I was upset and I left a review about my actual feelings. Now I'm even more upset and also confused.

  • Great place to go

  • Awesomeness, every visit!


  • Awesome Friendly staff great prices. Has nice weekday specials

  • Good deals good flower

  • Best dispensary in the mid del area !!!best prices and great service !!good people!!

  • Unhelpful and bitter on the phone. Couldn't get the help I needed.

  • Worst service in Oklahoma City, limited selection. Avoid.

  • Awesome place! Best gummies I've tried so far! Staff is awesome!

  • We have been using Nirvana for 7 months now, there bud tenders are honest with suggestions very helpful and great deals, they know our names and we are treated more then just a customer, thanks Nirvana keep up the great work

  • Best quality and price and most applied discounts you can get in Duncan. Grate staff.

  • Great service and prices.

    ampedavs reviewed Blazed
  • It was wonderful they was nice to me and made me feel welcome

  • Place is quick friendly and more

  • I bought and 1/8 of flower yesterday called Orange Creamsicle and it was THE worst that I have ever had. It taste awful, kind of funky and you lost my business.

  • I love this place, girls are super friendly and the dank is dank AF

  • This is by far, THE WORST, dispensary I have been to and I have been to many and would give minus 10 stars if I could!!! For starters, the product I ordered wasn't even available when I got there. Not a big deal as that can happen, however when the person working stated not only did they not see my order to have been able to call and tell me they were out (I came from across town so that was about a 20-30ish minute drive one way) but that the reason they didn't see it was because she had JUST got there and it was already after 5pm at this point. Over half of their product isn't labeled with a price and the representative had to make, at minimum, 3 different calls to get prices of what LITTLE product they had. It also rubbed me the wrong way how I came for a certain strain yet the representative, without even asking me, asks the person on the phone if she should just sell me the strain they had since they were out of what I wanted. Uhmmmm...really??? So if they had been open to have se

  • Wonderful

  • The Treehouse is the BEST DISPENSARY In AND around the Tulsa area. I have a very BaD back problem's and I get migraine headache BAD and I have been to MOST of the dispensary in Tulsa and around Tulsa and The Treehouse in MY Opinion is the BEST Around if you WANT some GOOD Flower or ANYTHING else Try the THE TREEHOUSE You will NOT be disappointed THEY ARE THE BEST. I

  • One of the best places to find fire flower and concentrates. Great knowledgeable staff. Great 3 for 100 deals and 4 for 100 deals.

  • Great Staff, $25 1/8ths all day everyday, daily specials, great gummies. Also have a great house blend of shake at a great price!

  • Love the staff

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