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    Very good, tenders were knowledgeable. I will stop by when I get a chance to cruise 101 again. Prerolls were well worth the cost. Great Job.

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    The best dispensary in Port Orford is in Weederburn (Gold Beach)... Worth the drive to bypass the only dispensary in Port Orford. Nice folks too.

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    Best place around by far!! Very low key,just the way it should be....

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    These guys are great, and there are a lot of shinies in the shop. Prices are slightly better than what I'm used to, and quality is solid. Worth the slight detour off of 101.

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    Now this is what I look for in a dispensary! A lovely array of products, from flower to tinctures, I was very impressed. If I would say anything negative, it would be, for being very busy the few times I've been in they only operate one scale and till, so I did have to wait a sold 10 minutes before my order was ready. Thank you Club Sockeye for being here for us. Chris and the rest of your staff were outstanding! Thank you again and again for such a badass dispensary experience.
    Your Truly,
    The Bud Tender