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    Long time Chalice Farms customer here. - They're higher priced than the majority of other dispensaries that I've been to in the Portland Metro Area BUT the atmosphere is cool so there's that :)

    My recent purchase (complaint) - I purchased two pen cartridges. The first cartridge brand: Golden Private Stash (Sour Diesel) has worked perfectly. The other cartridge I was interested in was Purple Hindu Kush (House Cartridge by Chalice Farms).....and the employee just couldn't find it in the drawer for the life of him.... So I was sold on another product made by a company called "Reserve" which failed horribly on first use last night. Literally the bottom of the cartridge disintegrated on first use with wires coming out. So I called Chalice Farms today to see if it was possible to get an in-store credit. I had thrown the receipt in recycling (I made the purchase a couple days before New Year's Eve & had just got around to trying this cartridge out) and wanted take this piece of junk back in. I was told no by the manager because they have no record of the sale (Something to do with Oregon Law). Very very disappointing guys, I mean this cartridge has your stickers all over it - I'm not trying to rip you off or scam you....I've spent well over $1000 bucks at this single location since you've opened and referred numerous friends and family over to you. Man.....I guess break ups are hard but we're done :( I'll be letting everyone know about the crappy customer service and send them elsewhere...... Peace out Chalice Farms!

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