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    This place rocks. Whats up with 99% of the dispensaries not carrying seeds? Did they forget that the shit we smoke COMES FROM THEM????!?! I'd like to personally think SCMC for carrying seeds. I would rather help a local business than send my cash over the internet.

    Good buds but thanks for the seeds!

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    so many things to choose from. i like choices and this place brings it on. picked up a bag of cali haz and some yak pills. been trying to get into edibles but yak pills really do me right. dont fix whats not broken right? good shit here, stop by and you'll be surprised at the quantity of items.

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    Holy frickin OG!
    WOW! talk about OG surprise! They had more OG strains then I knew existed. Really cool people up front and back. Bundtenders were cool, told me whats what and what I can get. Great prices and the first time patient deal is insane!

    Packed bowl after bowl of OG flyin all night. This place has got the OG you're looking for. Keep that shit rollin.

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