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First Time Patients

Complimentary pre-roll for 1st and 2nd visit!


Come check out our HUGE selection of all TOP shelf medicine. We only carry the best dry meds and concentrates. All dry meds capped at $10/g.  We also have a good selection of glass at unbeatable prices.     Welcome to...


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    I have been frequenting this place for just about two months now. They consistently have mid/high quality meds for 8 dollars a gram, and dry meds to compare with any 15 dollar gram at 10! Nothing over 10 dollars, they are good to new patients, and take community seriously, one of my favorite places. For those interested, below is a more thorough explanation of why I like this dispensary so much.

    When I started going to trees they were selling a house wax at an excellent price (25 a gram without tax, they have since started charging sales tax.) The flow of this wax was quite slow into the store, and quick out, so it was never tested (to my knowledge) but by my taste seemed to hover around 100-200 parts per million. by asking them about when this wax would be available constantly, I eventually spoke to the gentleman at the store who made the wax. He said that he had stopped because he felt that the other oils available were safer and more reliable than his oil. In other words, they made a choice to discontinue a popular, profitable part of their business simply for the safety of the patients. I love this place and the folks that run it, hope they are around forever!

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