Seattle | Marijuana Travel Guide

Seattle, Washington is a major hub for numerous tech companies, cannabis businesses, creative arts and outdoor activities available all year-round. As of this 2019, Seattle’s population is roughly 755,000 people and is rapidly growing everyday. Seattle is a popular city for tourists and locals alike with many Pacific Northwestern visitors from places like Oregon and Canada.

Aside from Seattle’s booming population and economy, it’s the biggest city in the state of Washington and the biggest in North America’s Pacific Northwestern region. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, city go-er, foodie, photographer or overall explorer, Seattle is a city to put on your bucket list. There are countless activities, attractions and eateries to try out no matter the season.

If you can find a way to look past the semi-regular gloomy weather, there’s so much to experience in the beautiful Pacific Northwestern city, especially their hip marijuana scene. In 2012, Washington approved ‘Initiative 502’ making it one of the first states in the nation to legalize recreational marijuana. Since then the state has become a destination for marijuana enthusiasts from all over the world. As the largest city in the state, Seattle is brimming with amazing options for marijuana providers and fun activities to keep you occupied. Stay tuned to learn about some fun activities to try in Seattle, interesting places to visit, restaurants to try and some of the best dispensaries to buy marijuana products.

Where to Visit in Seattle


Pioneer Square

To experience a combination of history, unique architecture, modern digs and a fun nightlife scene, come to Pioneer Square. To many, the square is known as Seattle’s first unofficial neighborhood and it attracts history buffs, architecture enthusiasts and explorers from all over the world. Take an underground tour of this neighborhood to take in incredible views of The Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Union Station Square and UPS Waterfall Garden Park. There’s also a variety of popular hotels located in the square such as Silver Cloud Hotel and Courtyard Seattle Downtown.


Another unique neighborhood to check out while visiting Seattle is the downtown/waterfront area. This part of Seattle is scenic, peaceful and a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike. One of the best parts of this neighborhood is the view of Elliot Bay and the waterfront, which is an amazing place during the Summer months. You can check out the Seattle Arts Museum if you enjoy culture and fine arts, the Pacific Place if you like to shop and the waterfront view and nearby ferry if you want to immerse yourself in the beautiful nature surrounding you. If you want to stay in this neighborhood while visiting Seattle, there are several hotels nearby such as The Paramount Hotel and The Hyatt House Seattle Downtown.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill boasts a rich history, modern architecture, a bustling nightlife scene and hip residents and businesses. Capitol Hill is a diverse urban area and one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in all of Seattle. There’s a variety of activities to take advantage of in Capitol Hill as well as many places to explore and eateries to try. This neighborhood is a lively, progressive and fast-moving area that’s known for lots of shopping opportunities, nightclubs and a growing LGBT community. Before leaving Seattle, be sure to check out Capitol Hill and enjoy some live music, epic dining spots and memorable bars and clubs.

What to Do in Seattle

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Space Needle

Nearly all major cities are known to have a unique building or two that allows visitors to get a birds-eye-view of the sights around them. For Seattle, it’s the 605-foot-tall Space Needle. This attraction was built in the 1960s, and it has become one of the most popular and recognizable icons of all of Seattle. After taking less than a minute elevator ride to the observation deck, you can take in the beautiful sights of Elliott Bay, the Cascade Mountains, and even Mount Rainier on clear days. What a wonderful way to see Seattle, right? If you want to take advantage of this cool opportunity, be prepared to pay a general admission price of $32.50 to 37.50 for adults.

Pike Place Market

Whether you’re a shopper, explorer, foodie, nature nut, or photographer, Pike Place Market is one activity and attraction you must give a shot before leaving Seattle. Pike Place Market is home to hundreds of artisans selling home-made products, live musicians, a flying fish tradition, street performers, a touristy gum wall, and so much more. Since this market continues to attract more and more people each year, in 2017, a historic MarketFront was added on, which offers an open-air plaza for people to sit back, enjoy, and take in the sights of Elliott Bay. It’s free to visit Pike Place Market, but costs for food and other items range from $5 to hundreds of dollars for specialty pottery and glassware.

Ferry Ride

If you want to experience the waterways of Seattle, taking a ferry ride from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island is a memorable trip. The ferry ride takes less than an hour to get to Bainbridge Island, and once there, you can visit nature trails, grab some food at local eateries, hit the beach or rent a kayak or canoe before heading back to the city. While on this voyage, you’ll get an incredible view of the Seattle skyline, beautiful beaches and aesthetically appealing homes and mansions. The cost of riding the ferry from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island is $8.50 per adult and $4.25 for seniors and children.

Where to Buy Marijuana in Seattle

Herbn Elements Recreational

If you’re interested in buying some quality marijuana products at a local, family-owned Seattle dispensary, Herbn Elements Recreational is worth checking out. This dispensary was the 12th establishment chosen via the state’s lottery to receive a license to legally operate, making Herbn Elements Recreational one of Seattle’s ‘OG’ marijuana shops.

Since 2015, this unique dispensary has focused on providing the best customer service and educational resources for all consumers. The atmosphere within Herbn Elements Recreational is mellow and welcoming, especially because all workers genuinely want to help everyone who comes in the door. The next time you’re in Seattle, check out Herbn Elements Recreational to discover various strains of fresh bud, infused edibles, potent extracts and many other unique products.

Fweedom Cannabis

Founded over a decade ago, this dispensary is one of Seattle’s oldest. Fweedom Cannabis initially launched as a hemp alternative based clothing business. Their prime intention was to spread the message about the benefits of hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. Education has always been a pillar in the company’s foundation, which continues to this day because Fweedom Cannabis participate in marijuana legislature and Hempfest.

In 2009, Fweedom Cannabis became a medical marijuana collective, and five years later, they began serving recreational users. Fweedom Cannabis has grown to become a premier marijuana retailer, especially after taking home 1st place finishes in the High Times Cannabis Cup and receiving DOPE Magazine’s budtender of the year award. To receive high-quality and medically beneficial marijuana products and incredible customer service, Fweedom Cannabis is the place to go.

American Mary

While exploring the heart of University District in Seattle, you can stop in at American Mary to check out some quality recreational cannabis products. Be prepared to gain help from knowledgeable budtenders, receive discounts on various products and stroll around in a friendly and laid-back dispensary environment. Some of the most popular products American Mary sells include their powerful concentrates and extracts, potent pre-rolls and fresh flower. However, American Mary’s cannabis-infused edible drinks are becoming a hot item for medical patients and recreational consumers alike.

Check online often as this dispensary offers daily specials and provides inexpensive marijuana options while you visit Seattle.

Ocean Greens

Although Ocean Greens offers a plethora of medically and therapeutically beneficial marijuana products, they also have a program in place called Tips for Lives. By shopping at this dispensary, you’re doing your part to help support nearby communities. A portion of funds that come from this dispensary’s marijuana sales are put towards helping qualifying medical patients and their families with non-medical needs. There are numerous struggles and obstacles medical marijuana patients face and Ocean Greens strives to make a difference with their continued support of this amazing program.

Where to Shop / Arts in Seattle

Seattle Art Museum

If you like art, history and unique architecture, the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is one place to visit while staying in the Pacific Northwestern city. This museum features various art collections and creative installations that are constantly changing to allow for new and trendy guest exhibitions. In addition to browsing through the museum, you can attend different events available year-round. To avoid paying an admission fee, the first Thursday of each month is free to all visitors and special exhibitions are half-off regular price. If you’re a senior, you can visit the museum for free on the first Friday of every month.

Pacific Bonsai Museum

Do you enjoy perusing through gardens, taking outdoor excursions and immersing yourself in nature? If so, the Pacific Bonsai Museum may be exactly what you’re looking for. Walk through lush hallways lined with conifer trees or experience the living art of bonsai. In the U.S. there are only two museums dedicated to the art of bonsai and this is one of them. This museum contains a collection of 150 bonsai trees which have diverse origins such as Japan, Taiwan, Canada, and China.

This magical indoor and outdoor art museum features 60 trees per exhibit. Not only can guests roam around and take in the beauty radiating from the trees but they can also participate in group tours, educational programs, field trips and different public events. Pacific Bonsai Museum is open six days a week and is free to the public but donations are strongly encouraged. There are varying fees attached to educational programs, field trips and certain public events.

University Village

If you want to experience a fun, outdoorsy and memorable Seattle shopping experience, University Village is worth the trip. This is Seattle’s only lifestyle shopping center that is entirely outdoors. University Village is only 10 miles from downtown Seattle and has a multitude of shops including locally-owned boutiques, big name retailers and unique eateries. Seattle residents and tourists have visited University Village since the 1950s because of its unique array of local stores and authentic family-owned restaurants.

Another fun fact about this historical shopping area is that it’s home to the second-ever Starbucks Coffee location from 1972 which attracts countless visitors each year. What makes University Village even more special is that they support cancer research organizations by partnering with  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Western Washington & Alaska and Obliteride to make a positive difference. 

Where to Eat in Seattle

Aerlume $$$

Aerlume is an airy, scenic and peaceful restaurant that’s bound to impress all guests. This restaurant is located on the hillside above beautiful Elliott Bay and walking distance from Pike Place Market. Not only is the atmosphere and style of this restaurant classy and picturesque but it also has a diverse food and drink menu full of seasonal ingredients. The flavors in each dish are fresh, vibrant and unique, especially because many ingredients are grown locally by Pacific Northwestern farmers. Aerlume has various partnerships with local Washington farms and producers such as Fall City Farms and Sound Sustainable Farms, which makes Aerlume an authentic and cultural restaurant choice.


Canlis $$$$

If you want a historic, scenic and luxurious restaurant experience in downtown Seattle, Canlis is one of your best options. Canlis has served Seattle customers since 1950 and is known as the pinnacle of Seattle regarding fine dining. Guests can enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Union, exciting downtown Seattle and the breathtaking Cascade Mountains on clear days. For those who are interested in having a classy night out or a daytime date, Canlis is the place to go. Although they have a dress code for men and women (no denim jeans), this aspect makes the experience even more elegant. Not to mention that each night there’s live piano music for guests to enjoy, and comfortable lounge areas are available until your table is ready. Be prepared to spend quite a bit at Canlis as this restaurant only serves four-course meals.

The Pink Door $$

Before leaving Seattle, one of the most enjoyable restaurant experiences you can have is at The Pink Door. This restaurant combines entertainment with an enchanting Italian style and delicious food and drinks. The Pink Door is walking distance to Pike Place Markets and is a local favorite for a modern and fun night out. The restaurant’s outdoor dining dock offers scenic views of Elliott Bay, while the indoor part of the restaurant features different forms of entertainment ranging from tarot-card readers to magicians to jazz musicians.

On Sunday and Monday evenings there are trapeze artists who put on a memorable show for customers and staff members. For something a little more risquē, there are late-night cabaret/burlesque shows on Saturdays nights in the restaurant’s lounge area. Not only can you enjoy delicious Italian-American meals, but you also get free entertainment. What more could you ask for in the booming city of Seattle?