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Green Crack



A potent sativa, known best for its energizing effects, the Green Crack strain is one of the most popular strains today. Originally named “Green Cush”, legend has it that rapper and cannabis connoisseur Snoop Dogg gave this strain its name after sampling its intense sativa effects. While many still prefer the name “Cush” to not add any more stigma around cannabis, this sativa strain’s trippy and energetic high is anything but boring. The Green Crack marijuana strain’s roots are also a bit debatable but it likely comes from a cross between Skunk #1 and some type of Afghani landrace indica. Green Crack has a classically indica leaf structure with small, dense and chunky buds. The leaves are green with rust-colored pistils and covered with white trichomes, but leaves can be streaked with purple if exposed to colder temperatures. With its indica structure but sativa effects, Green Crack doesn’t do a great job of showing the difference between indica and sativa strains. But that just goes to show that even the best weed strains do not easily fall under a single category. Containing an average of 23.5% THC and 15% Delta 9 - THC, the Green Crack strain will produce an invigorating mental buzz perfect for fighting fatigue, stress or depression. Probably one of the best cannabis strains to start your morning wake and bake, Green Crack has a bright citrus scent with earthy undertones that taste a bit spicy when smoked. The terpenes featured in Green Crack are linalool, pinene and myrcene.

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