Where's Weed user
Budtenders of DC
6/5/2021 - 1:04AM

I will post pictures elsewhere for reviews. I will also send pics to anybody per their request of how bad business is. Quality for the price? They weren’t even able to weigh properly. All short. Nothing like the pics. All the menu misleading to what received. I asked for them to make it right. He even admitted to the problem first by giving me “extra” what he should have the first time. I had to drive to him to get it. Then he said no he would give me back $ in person from 2 hours away. He didn’t want to waste my time anymore and would give me $20 in gas so I could fix his problem. It cost well over that in gas to just get there once. Wants me to bring him back the stuff so he can make more money off somebody. Who even knows if I go back I would get what he’s saying and he’s already lied to me once with what he did already. It was short on two different units over just a difference in normal range of error. On everything separately. It doesn’t look, or taste the way it should. It also looks, smells, and taste the exact same between two different strains. I guess he figured nobody would catch it. It’s not even suitable mid anything. Then he wants me to bring it back on good faith when it wasn’t good to begin with. I have the pics. I’ll post them wherever I need to so nobody else gets hit like this. Hustlers. Trying to make a come up but you have to do better. If you’re doing business with people. If you make an honest mistake you’re willing to make it right no matter what. If you did it intentionally & with poor intent. Then you have no desire to honor your word from the jump. I rather leave this review in good faith you won’t get somebody else again then to come back out to fix an issue you created from not doing business properly. Integrity. I’m embarrassed for them in this situation because they’re driving a Buick around and misrepresenting themselves with what they delivered. I have never done business with somebody like this with a customer and disrespected them enough to give them a shake or bottom of the bag type product and kept anybody around me. You don’t do business like this. Period. It’s not a good look. No wonder he was so prompt and speedy. He had nowhere else to be.