Cannabis in Utah

Utah Cannabis Laws

Is Weed Legal in Utah?

Only medical marijuana is legalized in the state of Utah. In November of 2018, voters passed Proposition 2, although lawmakers quickly passed a bill following that would restrict the program heavily. It should also be noted that recreational marijuana is not very decriminalized - anyone caught with less than an ounce may find themselves in prison for 6 months and slapped with a fine of up to $1,000. 

Buying Marijuana in Utah

Unfortunately, the only way to purchase marijuana in Utah is to obtain a medical marijuana patient card. There are currently only 6 dispensaries open in the state.

Buying Marijuana at a Retail Location

While Proposition 2 was a relatively open medical marijuana program, the restrictions imposed by the new bill passed by lawmakers in Utah made it much more difficult for patients to buy marijuana. 

Using a Marijuana Delivery Service

Due to the global pandemic, Utah has allowed dispensaries to deliver products to their patients. It is unknown if this will continue after the pandemic has cleared, but we will keep this section updated!

Store Hours

While there are no restrictions on the hours that dispensaries may operate, many are open between the hours of 10 AM and 8 PM Monday through Saturday. Be sure to check your nearest dispensary’s hours at Where's Weed.

Purchasing Restrictions

There are quite a few restrictions for purchasing marijuana in Utah. For those with a medical marijuana card, no more than one month’s supply of medicine is possible to purchase at one time. This is determined by the patient’s doctor and cannot exceed 4 ounces of flower or 20mg of THC product.

Available Products

Unfortunately, there are also restrictions on marijuana products that are available for patients to consume. Patients can only buy THC capsules, concentrates, gelatinous cubes, or flower in the state. 

Taxes on Marijuana in Utah

Taxes on Recreational Marijuana in Utah

While adult-use marijuana remains illegal in Utah, there are no taxes as it is not possible to purchase for recreational use. We will keep this section updated when legislation changes!

Taxes on Medical Marijuana in Utah

Luckily for patients, medical marijuana is exempt from all taxes, including state sales tax.


Medical marijuana patients may only possess the amount that they are prescribed by their doctor and no more. This amount may not exceed 4 ounces of cannabis flower or 20mg of THC products. Those that are caught without a medical marijuana card face some serious consequences - up to one ounce can cost 6 months in jail and up to $1000 in fines.

Using Marijuana in Utah

For those with a valid MMJ card, it is only legally permitted to consume marijuana in one’s own residence and with the permission of a landlord. It is highly illegal to consume marijuana in a public place.

Smoking on Federal Lands 

Regardless of the state, smoking weed on federal land is a crime because weed has not yet been legalized on a national level. Please refrain from any such activities on federal lands or you will be subject to at least one year of incarceration and a $1000 fine for just possession alone!

Medical Marijuana in Utah

The medical marijuana program in Utah has gone through quite a few transformations. After Proposition 2 was passed in November of 2018, legislators quickly convened to add restrictions to the bill. They soon passed HB3001, which was then circumvented by SB 161. After a few more changes, medical marijuana sales finally opened in March of 2020. While there are currently only 6 open dispensaries in the state, Utah does plan on opening up to 11 more by the end of 2020.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Utah

To receive a medical marijuana card in Utah, patients with qualifying conditions must first visit a doctor that specializes in cannabis as medicine. Then, the doctor is able to prescribe medical marijuana. Visits typically cost up to $300 and the card itself costs just $15. MMJ cards in Utah expire after 6 months. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, patients are able to purchase marijuana at a dispensary with a recommendation letter from their doctor.

Out of State Medical Cards Utah

Those with valid MMJ cards from other states are able to possess marijuana in Utah as long as their qualifying conditions are also qualified in Utah. However, it is not legal for these patients to purchase at dispensaries in the state.

How to Transport Marijuana in Utah

Transporting Marijuana in Utah

Those with valid MMJ cards are able to transport marijuana in their vehicles as long as it is within their designated possession limits and is away from the reach of the driver. It is highly illegal to transport marijuana without a valid medical marijuana patient card.

Driving While Under the Influence of Marijuana 

Utah has a no-tolerance policy for driving under the influence of marijuana. Even patients are not allowed to have any marijuana in their system when driving. Driving while intoxicated by marijuana is a major criminal offense. Driving while high is considered the same thing as a DUI. If deemed intoxicated, you will potentially lose your license to drive, pay large fines and may even have to attend a drug education program.

Driving Across State Lines with Marijuana

Despite legalization efforts in certain states, driving across state lines with marijuana is a federal offense. If driving from Colorado to Utah, you should avoid transporting drugs. State troopers are on constant high-alert and are very well aware of how easy it may seem to drive through the state with marijuana in your car. At all costs, please refrain from having cannabis of any kind in your car while crossing the border. Although some states are more lenient than others, the federal government has clean cut laws that are not worth the risk. 

Growing Marijuana in Utah

Unfortunately, medical marijuana patients are not allowed to grow marijuana in the state. We will keep this updated if legislation changes!