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    I have been a Medical customer of the gallery for as long as they have been open. I have spent a lot of money here. Two days ago my spouse and I went into the gallery on Canyon where we in the past have bought battery lighters. The "budtender" must have been new. She knew nothing about the lighters and kept asking another budtender for help. We had bought other lighters here and was looking for the one we had bought in the past. She told us the only battery lighter they had was one I've never seen before. She told us it was new and that it would work on any cartridge with the exception of the magnetic ones. So we bought it. We soon found out that it did not work on any of our cartridges.

    The lighter was the stores brand so I thought they would stand behind their "name brand" items. I tried to return it and was given a hard time by the manager. When I told them it was UNACCEPTABLE for them not to do the return I was kicked out of the store and was told that I could not come back to any of The Gallery Stores.

    While sitting in their parking lot trying to get a hold of one of the owners so I could let them know how I was treated, the security guard comes out shouting at me to get out of their parking area. I didn't leave so the manager comes out and he hits the window of my car with his fist. When I left he got in his SUV and followed me for miles. I have never been so scared in my life.

    The gallery might be beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, it is a nightmare. When I ask the manager to let me talk to the owner he went in the backroom and came back and told me the owner "Lauren Sweet" didn't want to deal with this. Even though I've been "ban" from here. I would not return if they were giving stuff away for free. I just wanted to return a $12 lighter that didn't work.

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