Does Delta-8 THC Actually Get You High?

Does Delta-8 THC Actually Get You High?

Published on 3/27/22

As the cannabis industry has grown from an underground operation run by shady growers with homemade greenhouse operations in their basements or spare bedrooms, and dope dealers on the street corners to a legal industry worth billions, we've seen researchers and industry innovators make some incredible discoveries. One of those discoveries was the existence of a whole new variety of THC.

Since researchers have been able to get their hands on legal cannabis for research, more than 100 unique and powerful cannabinoids have been discovered and tested to see what they can do for people. One of the most promising among them is a compound known as Delta-8 THC. But what is Delta-8 THC? How does it work? What does it do? Where can you get it?

Let's get right into it, shall we?

What is Delta-8 THC?


So what exactly is Delta-8 and how does it work? Well, to put it simply, it's a cousin to the standard and well-known THC, which is known as Delta-9 THC among researchers and cannabis aficionados. Let's start by breaking down the similarities and differences between the two.

Delta-8 vs. Delta-9

While the two might sound similar in name, the two compounds have some key similarities and differences.

First and foremost, the two cannabinoids are different down to their chemical structures. While both are made up of the same chemical formula, just put together slightly differently. Just a carbon-chemical bond or two being different is the driving factor behind the changes between the two.

So let's dig a bit deeper into those big differences. One of the biggest important differences between the two is the milder psychoactive qualities compared to standard THC. Delta-8 THC, unlike Delta-9, has shown to provide medical patients the same pain-numbing, muscle-relaxing effects of high THC strains of cannabis without the same anxiety and paranoia that comes along with it.

For obvious reasons, that means that Delta-8 has tremendous potential for a wide variety of people. On top of that, the less mind-altering Delta-8 THC effects make it a great option for healthcare professionals and family members to help kids with cancer manage their symptoms with less of the psychoactive effects, and has even proven to be more shelf-stable than other THC-rich options, which opens the door to using it in topical creams, patches, vape cartridges, and edibles without fear of it being inactive after a short time.

Where Does Delta-8 THC Come From?

So unlike Delta-9 THC, which naturally occurs in most standard cannabis strains, Delta-8 THC is derived from hemp! Thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp and the CBD that could be derived from it, you can find delta-8 for sale at a store near you.

So, as of right now, Delta-8 THC is perfectly legal. In fact, the U.S. government actually holds the patent for converting CBD into Delta-8. There might come a day when someone decides to challenge that legality in court, but that day has yet to come. Delta-8 THC sitting in the legal grey area means it can be tested clinically without all the legal red tape associated with Delta-9 research and hit store shelves everywhere in the form of oils, tinctures, and even Delta-8 gummies. All you need to do to figure out where you can buy Delta-8 is a quick search of the internet for "Delta-8 THC near me" and you should be able to get it at your local health food or alternative medicine shop.

Does Delta-8 Actually Get You High?


So here's the burning question, right? If you do go for Delta-8 instead of Delta-9, will you be able to get high? While the long-term, comprehensive research on Delta-8, or really any other cannabinoid aside from THC and CBD, is limited the current answer appears to be yes.

Before we get into specifics on what exactly Delta-8 does, it's important to note that the results may vary for everyone depending on their weight, sex, tolerance to cannabinoids, and other health conditions. No two bodies are exactly the same, which is why we recommend starting your doses low and going from there if need be.

Many who have used Delta-8 THC vapes, for example, reported feeling the same type of high as standard THC without the pesky side effects like paranoia and anxiety. Others users have described the feeling as dulled compared to standard THC, like a middle ground between CBD and their standard THC consumption routine. It's a softer high with more lucidity and focus than the standard blazed feeling. For Delta-8 gummies and other edibles, users have reported a delayed reaction of between 30 to 90 minutes for their dose to kick in.

It's also important to note a few things about Delta-8 THC as well. First, it has similar side effects to the standard version of THC. Users should expect stuff like dry mouth, red eyes, and the munchies to come along with their standard Delta-8 THC dosage. Another thing to consider is the dosage. Because it's slightly less potent than the standard THC-infused product or medicine, you might need to take higher doses of Delta-8 to feel the effects.

For many of the reasons we listed above, it's clear why Delta-8 THC is ideal for medical patients looking to manage symptoms of their illnesses without the couch-locked side effects and is a great option for those dealing with mental health conditions like anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder that might be worsened by cannabis consumption.

The bottom line is that Delta-8 is a legal, easy for the average consumer to buy, and only slightly less potent analog for the standard THC dosage with none of the nasty psychoactive side effects that standard THC has. At the very least, it's worth a try the next time you're looking to kick back and relax without getting too paranoid about your pizza delivery especially if you're living in a state that has yet to legalize recreationally.

Have you tried Delta-8 THC before? Did you feel the effects and get high? Share your experience in the comments below!

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