Is it Safe to Smoke Reclaim Wax?

Is it Safe to Smoke Reclaim Wax?

Published on 12/26/21

If you finally decided to clean your rig and realized just how much reclaim wax you've let build up, you may be wondering what to do with all of it. It might have even crossed your mind to smoke it. If you're here to find out if smoking reclaim is safe, we've got some good news! We're here to help you navigate reclaim wax, and yes, how to smoke it safely.

What is Reclaim Wax?

Reclaim wax, also known simply as "reclaim," is the sticky gum-like substance that builds up in a dab rig over time. It is similar to the thick gunk that builds up in a pipe (called resin), except that reclaim is specific to concentrates in a dab rig. This condensed collection of concentrate leftovers is usually thick and sticky, golden brown or a blackish-yellow. While it might not look like the most appetizing thing, reclaim is safely smokable. Not on that, but reclaim can get you high. Studies show that high amounts of cannabinoids remain in the reclaim, upward of 50+ percent THC along with high levels of CNB and CBD.

Pros and Cons of Smoking Reclaim


So, yes, you can smoke reclaim, but should you? It ultimately comes down to personal preference. There are many reasons why you'd want to smoke reclaim, but as we cover below, there are also some legitimate reasons why some people choose to pass.

Pros of Smoking Reclaim

1. It Will Get You High

Reclaim might be the hashy leftovers, but it's still smokable cannabis. Reclaim has a relatively high concentration of cannabinoids (especially the psychoactive Delta 9 THC), so you'll get high when you use it.

2. It's Free And You Have to Collect It Anyways

When you're out of concentrates to dab, you can always collect the reclaim from your rig and get in an essentially free session. If you don't smoke it, it's just going to go in the trash. You have to clean it from your rig for upkeep anyway, so why not, right?

3. You Can Use It Many Ways

Reclaim doesn't just have to be dabbed. As we'll address later, it can also be eaten and baked into edibles because it has already been decarbed through the smoking that created it.

Cons of Smoking Reclaim

1. It Doesn't Taste Good

Reclaim has already been smoked, and the intense heat from before causes it to taste pretty bad. Some will be worse than others, but by itself, reclaim can taste ashy, heavy, burnt, and acrid. It's not the most pleasant smoking experience you'll find - although it is undeniably effective.

2. There Could Be Unwanted Side Effects

Because it's the leftover wax from your previous dab sessions, reclaim is innately lower quality than other stuff you'll smoke. And because it has already been heated up and burned, it contains higher amounts of carbon that may cause sore throat, headaches, and more taxed breathing. These rarely serious side effects cause minor discomfort, but it's still something to consider.

How to Collect Reclaim


There are several ways to collect reclaim dab, which is something you'll want to do even if you aren't planning to smoke it. Reclaim will continue to build after each use until your rig is clogged and unusable. Removing reclaim from your rig is something you should do regularly. One of the easiest ways to collect reclaim is to use a drop-down, an accessory specifically made for collecting reclaim. Knowing how to get reclaim from a nectar collector is relatively easy. It attaches directly to the rig and collects reclaim instead of building up onto your rig. Another option is to pour a solvent into your rig (grain alcohol works), shake it around, and then wait for the liquid to evaporate. What is left is collected, smokable reclaim. You can also melt it out by removing the water (you'll want to know how to get water out of reclaim dab rig), nail, and holder from your rig, then torching the reclaim through the glass until it liquefies and can be quickly drained from the rig and collected. Once you've collected your reclaim, you can either use it immediately or store it in an airtight container to be used later.

How to Use Reclaim Dab

Just like how there are many ways to collect dab rig reclaim, there are also various ways you can use it. You can smoke it by collecting a large enough amount to re-dab. Because reclaim is already decarboxylated through the smoking process, it can be eaten (either by itself or mixed into foods). If you choose to eat your reclaim, we suggest mixing it with something else to cover the ashy acrid taste. It can also be infused with foods to make edibles. Again, because it is already decarbed, reclaim can be baked right into your favorite treats for homemade edibles that will help mask the burnt acrid flavor. Of course, you could also choose to throw away your reclaim after collecting it (it's not for everyone) - just make sure to clean your rig one way or another.

Do you smoke reclaim wax? Let us know your tips for collecting it and how you prefer to use it! Comment below.

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