How to Make Your Own THC Moon Rocks

How to Make Your Own THC Moon Rocks

Published on 11/23/21

Sometimes, a simple puff on a joint is enough to put you in a relaxing mood after a long day of work or an intense gaming session. However, if it's a Saturday and your schedule for the day is wide open, some stoner engineering can help you to take your high to the next level. Moon rocks are a new innovation in cannabis culture, blending together three separate forms of cannabis to get a next-level THC infusion, perfect for a movie marathon or a hangout session with old friends. As the name suggests, they can indeed take you all the way to the moon.

To the Moon

What's in a Name

What are moon rocks? If you've never heard of them before, worry not: like so many other trends in cannabis culture, sometimes you just never hear about a fad until it seems like everyone else knows about it. Moon rocks are a unique experience and a cannabis conglomeration. What are moon rocks made of? Regular bud, hash oil, and kief. If those three in combination are already making your head feel light, buckle up: these boys kick in and kick in hard, with an average THC content of about 50%,  far higher than a typical flower strain. They are a lot of fun, especially if you've never tried them before, but you certainly don't want to try them before a big meeting or a dinner date.

Like so many other pieces of cannabis history, the origins of moon rocks are hazy. The California-based dispensary Starbudz760 may have first created them, while the rapper Kurupt first made them known to the wider cannabis world, eventually even selling his own version of them. Today, they can be found at many dispensaries, especially mom & pop shops that like to mix up the ordinary.

Home Cooking

While many dispensaries will gladly sell you a moonrock, they are not that difficult to make yourself, especially if you are the type who enjoys tinkering with a recipe. A dispensary's moon rocks price may be higher than the sum of its ingredients, after all, and who doesn't like to save some cash by trying their hand at something new? You don't actually need the specific strain Moon Rocks to make them. You can use any particular strain or wax you desire. 

Here are the ingredients you'll need to stock up on. First, consider the moon rock marijuana bud you want to use: either pick up a few grams of your favorite strain or try something new. Next, get a fair amount of kief, even if that means raiding your stores. You'll need enough hash oil to totally cover the bud nuggets, about a full ounce, and a dropper so you can coat the marijuana. Finally, get tweezers to pick up the rocks so they don't crumble or fall apart on your fingers, and wax paper for them to stand on.

The preparation is pretty simple. Heat up the hash oil to a moderate temperature and place your kief in a bowl. Lay your marijuana nuggets on the wax paper. Use the dropper to add oil over the nuggets, then use the tweezers to roll the oiled nugget in the kief. Let them dry for about thirty minutes. Don't touch them before they are ready, as the warm hash oil may get on your hands and waste all its precious THC. 

Smoking and Vaping

Once you've made your moon rocks, it's high time to have fun with them. How do you smoke moon rocks? Pretty much the same way as you smoke any other type of cannabis: add to bowl or bong, insert lighter, and blastoff. You'll know right away that it's hitting since the hash oil gets into your circulation before the nuggets' THC does. We would recommend skipping the grinder when smoking moon rocks, or else you might get a sticky mess. There's no real difference between how to smoke moon rock weed and regular weed. But since moon rocks are bigger than ground-down bud, you need a bigger smoking device to fit them in.

If you are a fan of vaporizing, vaping moon rocks can be a lot of fun, but also a challenge. You need a big enough vape container to fit them. You may even need to invest in a new vaporizer in the event that your current model simply can't handle its size. However, the intense heat will cause the THC in nugget, oil, and kief to vaporize and go directly into your lungs, leaving you with a fantastic high that you cannot find elsewhere.

Have you ever tried moon rocks, or tried to make moon rocks? Do you have any recommendations about nearby dispensaries that pre-make them, or sell good quality bud for homemade rocks? Let us know about your attempts to try this type of cannabis experience, including notable successes or failures, in the comments below!

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