Do I Need to Cap My Dabs for a Good Hit?

Do I Need to Cap My Dabs for a Good Hit?

Published on 1/19/22

One of the great things about cannabis is its simplicity. Take a good strain, roll it up in paper, and smoke it - no questions asked. However, like every hobby, there are degrees of complexity when trying new and more complex aspects of cannabis. Dabs are one such area where there's a lot of uncertainty, especially for new smokers who aren't sure what to do. If you've already selected your shatter and picked up a killer dab rig, you may find yourself wondering what else you need to do. One thing to consider is a dab carp cap, also known as a cap or a dab cap, which affects air movement through the pipe infrastructure. If you are wondering about the advantages and how to use a dab carb cap, here is what you need to know. 

What's In a Name


While some cannabis nicknames are obscure, a carb cap is relatively straightforward. This little device, made of glass or titanium or ceramic, covers the topmost nail or banger of a dab rig, meaning that exterior air does not enter at the same rate as an uncapped, open nail. Carb cap dabs are, in general, easier to handle because they maintain the heat within the dab and make sure that your hash vaporizes instead of sitting there at lower temperatures. Heat is critical when taking a dab, and you should experiment with heat rates and temperatures until you find the combination that suits you best. 

The term "carb" for a dab cap refers to the same mechanism as a bowl's carb - that is, the airway through which air flows. This is the same terminology as a carburetor for a vehicle, which is how air finds a pathway to the engine. If you do not know how to use a carb cap, simply apply it to the top when the dab is heating up, then remove it when you take a hit. Be careful not to take a hit with the cap on because the hit may be too hot, or the airflow may not be strong enough, while the oil itself may be too agitated.

Types of Caps

There are many types of carb caps for purchase, and different types may affect your dab rig in different ways.

A directional flow carb cap is perhaps the most popular and well-known, functioning like a simple lid without much fuss or bells and whistles. This cap will restrict airflow around the dab rig's seal, ensuring heat is locked in, and the wax absorbs more energy. Most of these caps have an angled tube, allowing you to use it not just as a cap but also as a poker: if you need to move the wax around but don't want to release the energy, use the flow carb cap to transfer it to a new location and enjoy.

A flat or solid cap usually has the dabber built-in, allowing you to take the hit as you need without switching parts. These are the most simple of all, seeing as they have no other ability other than covering the rig seal. They are often the cheapest and least durable, typically made of glass, and will need to be replaced before they chip away and you find yourself with glass in your wax.

A titanium carb cap is the highest-end dabbing accessory, with all the durability and power you need to hit again and again and again. Since titanium can't break under a dab's heat (melting at about 3000 degrees, or five to six times the heat level of a typical dab), you never need to worry about its lasting power, nor about its durability. Titanium carb caps are also easier to reconfigure within a rig itself, while they have the best overall sealing power, meaning that heat cannot escape as quickly as it does with glass.

Finally, a quartz bubble cap resembles a mad scientist's beaker, and for all intents and purposes, functions pretty much in the same way. These big spheres are only compatible with specific quartz rigs, but because they use a ball-and-joint design, they have far more flexibility and positioning power than any other cap on the market.

Using a Cap

The cap does not radically change the overall dabbing process, only altering a few minor details. Warm up the nail, apply wax as usual, and then apply the dab to the hot nail. Use the cap to trap the heat. When you have capped the nail, you can adjust the heat as you like by moving the cap around to trap more or less air, resulting in more energy towards the wax. A full carb cap allows you even more motion, including spinning the nail about to move hot air and oil. Once you've hit the perfect temperature, remove the cap, take the dab hit, and enjoy melting into your couch.

Do you use smoking accessories like caps when you take dabs? Do you have any particular favorites or recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

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