Top 11 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Edibles

Top 11 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Edibles

Published on 12/27/21

Most marijuana users don't realize that making cannabis edibles is an art form and isn't nearly as simple as it may appear. Many steps need to be executed perfectly, whether that be decarboxylation or dosing properly, to ensure that you and your friends have a great time. Have you ever noticed that almost everyone has an edibles story (for better or for worse) and ever stopped to think just why that is? Marijuana cooking mistakes are plentiful, and below we'll give you all the necessary tips and tricks to avoid the major ones when it comes to creating beloved THC edibles.

Cannabis Edibles Mistakes 

Whether you're a pro in the kitchen with marijuana or are a complete novice, keep reading below to make sure the marijuana delights are right where they need to be every single time. 

1. Cooking with Raw Weed 

When it comes to making edibles, this is a cardinal sin. If you use raw weed for your edibles, not only are you not going to feel anything - you have just wasted all of that perfectly usable cannabis. You need to decarb your weed because heat is vital in activating the THC. Sound difficult? Don't fret because it's quite simple. Preheat your oven to 220 Degrees Fahrenheit, and place cannabis inside for 25-45 minutes.

2. Choosing the Wrong Strain 

As we all know by now (or should), different strains promote different effects on the body. Finding the right strain for you and your friends can be difficult, but doing your homework before you start cooking could lead to significant payoffs. Looking to make edibles for a festival? Find that upbeat sativa strain. Need an edible for sleeping during a camping trip? Head to the indica isle, friend. 

3. Overgrinding Your Cannabis


This one can even happen to even a seasoned edibles maker. However, there is always room for improvement, right? Grinding your cannabis too fine will rid the marijuana of all the yummy trichomes - which is exactly what you are looking to extract from the cannabis plant. 

4. Disregarding Your Cannabutter 

Cannabutter, or butter infused with active cannabis, is an excellent gateway into the world of weed edibles. If you're not so comfortable in the kitchen, making this magic butter can streamline the process. As the base of the edible, make sure you test your cannabutter. Simply having a teaspoon of butter and waiting for the effects will give you the best potency testing you could ask for. 

5. Spending Too Much Money 

People often make homemade edibles for a simple reason; it's cheaper to do so. As edible consumption has exploded in recent years, things are getting more expensive. Especially if you are just starting, remember - you don't need to latest and greatest strain to pack a punch in the edibles game. Also, a little goes a long way. 

6. Not Distributing Properly

Have you and your friends ever taken the same edible but had two very different outcomes? You sat on the couch waiting for the edible to hit the whole time, and your friend was practically in la-la land for 8 hours. Why did this happen? Whoever made the edibles didn't take the time to stir and distribute the oil properly throughout the special brownies. Stir your recipe over and over again, and then stir it some more. 

7. Squeezing Your Weed Infusion Too Hard


When making your delicious and perfectly dosed cannabutter, you need to strain the mixture through a cheesecloth or strainer and let it all drain through. Don't rush this process by forcibly squeezing everything through, or you might ruin your new creation. We recommend not squeezing and simply allotting 10-15 minutes to have everything strain naturally. 

8. Roasting Your Cannabis in the Oven 

Too much heat can destroy the sensitive compounds that are found within marijuana. The golden rule of starting slow and going low absolutely applies here. If you don't follow this rule, you can say goodbye to not only the potency but the terpenes as well. Refer to step one. 

9. Not Thinking Outside of the Box


Sure, this may not be as easy when you're a novice. However, if you've been baking the same brownies or rice krispy treats, it's time to step it up. Cannabis cooking is only gaining popularity, and who says you can't infuse cannabis into drinks, entrees or anything else of your choosing? 

10. Getting The Dosing All Wrong

Dosing is, without a doubt, the hardest step in the edibles-making process. If you're not a math connoisseur (or even if you are), just save yourself time and use some of the trusty online dosing calculators. No one wants to lose their mind on an edible, and you definitely don't want one of your friends to have a horrible time, right? Following a dosage calculator or opting for low-THC, high-CBD strains will allow you to experiment a bit without killing anyone.  

11. Not Adding Water to Your Cannabutter

Not adding water may seem like a simple oversight but remembering to add this to your mixture may save your whole day. Adding water to your magic butter mixture will ensure two things. The butter isn't going to burn as the water is simply going to burn off instead, and your cannabinoids won't be destroyed. There isn't an exact amount of water that is needed here. 

Have you tried your hand at edibles? What are your most common mistakes when making edibles? Tell us your hacks below. 

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