What Does Weed Salad Mean & How Do You Make it?

What Does Weed Salad Mean & How Do You Make it?

Published on 6/18/21

Sure, we've shared our fair share of cannabis recipes as everyone is finding themselves back in the kitchen, but this time things aren't quite as they seem when you take a first glance at this heading. To make weed salad, instead of grabbing your Kitchen Aid mixer and favorite cookbook, grab your grinder and any leftover cannabis. We're going to show you what to do with those dwindling supplies of indica strains while also pairing complementary sativa strains or other flavorful combinations.

What is a Weed Salad?

Just by looking at the name, you may already have an idea of what a weed salad is, right? It is just a salad with weed in it, isn't it? Contrary to what you may think, a weed salad is when you mix 2 or more strains together in the same bowl, joint or even in a bong. Weed salads are great for any stoner that has a diminishing supply of a few strains or is perfect for when a few friends find that they are at the bottom of the barrel of their own stash and come together for a nice smoking session. This idea is in fact a simple one but can create some varying results that can be quite fun. 

When Did Weed Salad Originate? 

The idea of the weed salad has been popping up in cultural dictionaries since circa 2009, but there is no doubt that humble stoners have been taking up this practice for decades prior and have probably created some of the best strains that we will never even know about. Some other terms for the beloved weed salad include the blendo, grower's surprise, house party, spring mix, jambalaya, goulash and gumbo. When you make a weed salad, it is either going to be a wonderful, delicious creation or something downright strange. There is no in-between, so beware! 


Tips on Curating the Perfect Weed Salad

Pair Similar Flavors

Cannabis is overflowing with different flavor profiles and if you want to play it safe, especially for your first go at a weed salad, this may be your best bet right out of the gate. Are you partial to fruity strains, or do you like an earthy or maybe even a piney taste to your cannabis? Pairing your favorite two piney strains, such as Dutch Treat and Superglue, could transport you somewhere to the forest. Whatever your palate is partial to, throw it together and see what happens. 

Mix a Sativa and Indica

The age-old question always circulates around indica vs. sativa - which one is better? Sure, there are some people who have a definitive answer to that question, but what happens if you like both of them? Mixing these two together will most likely create a balancing act, which may help weaken the intense cerebral buzz of a sativa high, or even get you out of the couch-lock effects that an indica can produce. Who said you can't have the best of both worlds? There are no rules in the cannabis world (other than starting low and going slow), so go for it! 


Throw CBD into the Mix 

Are you a veteran smoker who loves THC, but is wanting to somehow incorporate CBD into your smoke sesh? While many people consume cannabis for the psychoactive effects that accompany THC, this is a way to bring it all together without getting too high. To start, we love a potent, powerful strain, such as Ghost OG, that will hit you with that tingly, numbing feeling throughout the body. If you want to still get things done and not fall directly into the couch, sprinkling a bit of your favorite CBD strain, such as Cannnatonic, will diminish those indica high effects, but in all the right ways. 

Focus on Terpene Profiles 

Some say that it is not about how much THC is in your favorite hybrid strains, but rather what the terpene content looks like. With over 100 compounds found in cannabis, terpenes are what you smell and once you unlock what each does, you'll find your weed salad to be impeccable. Are you looking for some more calming effects? Try mixing Granddaddy Purple and Cherry Pie together, which are both high in myrcene. Or, if you find yourself wanting to have a more energized afternoon, pack a bowl with Chernobyl and Jack Herer, which have high terpinolene levels. 

Pair Unique Flavors

You can almost never go wrong when bringing two different strains together, as the cannabis strain options are pretty endless. If you're looking to explore some new flavors, consider doing a classic, timeless mix of fruity and fuel strains, which could be a cross between Blueberry and Sour Diesel. Or, if you really want to expand your horizons, try out some completely unique flavors together that haven't really been seen yet. Find a savory strain that hasn't been mixed with a sour one yet to create a unique reaction. 

Have you ever created a weed salad? What is your go-to combination? Tell us your cannabis secrets in the comments!

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