Best Action Movies to Watch High

Best Action Movies to Watch High

Published on 11/19/21

As the summer winds down and hoodie weather fast approaches, people are headed back inside after a long summer of outdoor activities, concerts for the first time in well over a year, and dips into their favorite bodies of water. As people head back inside after a fun and refreshing summer of 2021, they'll need something to do as they settle in for the fall and winter months. So why not grab a bit of your favorite strain, your grinder, some rolling papers, and roll up a fat joint before turning on an exciting and fun-to-watch action movie, right?

With the streaming services of today offering quick and easy access to some of the best action movies of all time with just a few clicks of the button, it's never been easier to get high and watch an awesome action movie. 

With that in mind, we here at Where's Weed are ready and waiting to provide a comprehensive list of some of the best action movies ever to watch while you're stoned out of your mind and relaxing on the couch this fall! Let's get right into it, shall we? 

John Wick


For the first entry on our action movie list, we suggest a Keanu Reeves flick. No, not those ones. The other badass and wildly successful action franchise he's a part of! 

Not only is John Wick a bloody, gory, and well-choreographed romp of an action film that's as fun to watch as the action is brutal, but it's a great option to watch while you're puffing and passing this fall. 

You can watch not only the original John Wick film in all of its violent, bloody, and ridiculously fun to watch stoned or not, but it's a sequel. That means there's more than one to watch and enjoy on streaming services like Peacock and Amazon Prime Video. While the John Wick series is far too old now to be considered one of the best action movies of 2021, it's easily an action classic that's worth the watch. We recommend an energizing sativa strain to pair with this one! 



If you're looking to watch an action movie that's as fun to watch as it is goofy and action-packed, then Face/Off would be a great option. This 1997 Nicholas Cafe and John Travolta vehicle easily falls under the category of "old action movies" for sire.

This action-packed film is worth watching while smoking not only because it's a blast to watch, but because there's a full-on surgery face-swapping sequence between main characters that will totally blow your mind if you're baked! We think smokers would be best off going with a hybrid strain like Rainbow Chip to enjoy with this one to stay awake and chill during this classic action movie.  

You'll need to head over to Paramount Plus to stream this one. Don't worry though, it's totally worth it to be able to roll up watching this to have the time of your life

Casino Royale


For the next entry on this list, we're going to tap into one of the oldest, most exciting, and most storied movie franchises of all time: the James Bond execs would like a word. 

This spy flick is a well-directed and deeply entertaining entry in the James Bond universe of films, so it only makes sense to sit back, enjoy a little bit, then spark up to take the experience to the next level! 

Easily one of the very best good action movies on Netflix, this entry to the James Bond universe of films is far and away one of the best action movies 2021 has to offer when it comes to streaming.

A nice sativa strain like Tropicana Cookies would likely pair well to focus and vibe with this Bond film.  



There are few things more satisfying to the brain, especially when you're about to be or already are high out of your mind, than some old-school cool type of content. There's just something mind-blowing about how timeless and everlasting some material can be. Akira easily checks all of those boxes while still establishing itself as one of the best action films ever made, regardless of film genre. 

This Japanese anime-style post-apocalyptic cyberpunk action flick is not only one of the best action movies on Hulu, but it's one of the best action movies ever made. Rolling up and fat joint and smoking while you watch this forward-thinking masterpiece will be just the thing to take things to the next level! A few puffs of a high-quality hybrid will help take things to the next level.  

For all of the fans of refined, culturally significant action films and cinema overall, Akira is a must-see regardless of whether you're high or not. We just think being high when you see it might make it that much better! 

Pineapple Express


While all of the other entries on this list have either been really violent, badass action flicks or mind-bending alternative universe taken on the way the world could be, sometimes you just want to kick back and laugh a little bit while you're high. For those looking for a lighter vibe while smoking during their next session, we recommend the stoner comedy action film Pineapple Express. 

Staring the always brilliant actor, director, and cannabis enthusiasts Seth Rogen, this action-comedy is great for keeping your attention with the action and making you laugh at the same time! We recommend have to recommend this movie's namesake strain, Pineapple Express for this one! 

Pineapple Express is far and away one of the best Netflix action movies around, easily streamable anytime and always hilarious to boot. We highly recommend this one to lighten the mood and keep things fun during your next smoke session.

Mad Max: Fury Road


Not only is the next entry on our list one of the best action movies of the past decade, but it's also one of the very few that does so with an empowered, independent female protagonist at the forefront. 

Mad Max: Fury Road is a fast-paced, rip-roaring spectacle of a film. Full of fast cars, roaring engines, and violent action all set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland backdrop, this film is simply put one of the best in the business. 

Putting this on during your smoke session will not only draw everyone's attention, but the practical set pieces and high-stakes and intensity of the film's plotline are sure to capture the attention of many. A quality sativa-rich strain like Durban Poison would be your best bet for this one.  

Baby Driver


If you're as into music as much as you're into smoking weed and watching awesome action movies, then this last entry on the list will be perfect for you. This Edgar Wright flick is as stylized and unique as they come, building its action-packed storyline around an astounding soundtrack of top-notch tunes.

We highly recommend a nice, balanced hybrid strain here like Girl Scout Cookies to take the enjoyment of the music and the action up a notch, but we think you'll be able to enjoy Baby Driver regardless of who or what you're smoking during your next session! 

You can stream Baby Driver on Amazon or Youtube now!      

What are your favorite action movies to watch while high? Share in the comments below!

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