Guide to Getting High & Listening to ASMR

Guide to Getting High & Listening to ASMR

Published on 9/7/21

With the explosion of YouTube and TikTok dominating culture paired with staying in our houses for the better part of the year, we've seen many odd trends not only appear on the radar but actually stay in the mainstream. One of these many phenomenons has been ASMR videos, which are clips that deliver a tingly, satisfying and calming sensation to the viewer. If ASMR is all about sensation, why not try pairing this activity with a sensory-altering substance, such as cannabis? Below we'll discuss the ins and outs of ASMR and what strains you should couple the experience with

What is ASMR? What Does ASMR Stand for? 

In a corner of the world wide web's universe, you'll find ASMR, which is a term for the sensation people receive when they watch stimulating videos or even take part in other activities - usually ones that involve personal attention. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, which is often described as a tingling feeling that runs through the back of the head and down into the spine. It's a deeply relaxing sensation that can even cause some to fall asleep or fall into a meditative or trance-like state. Commonly triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli, the video in question can simply be melodic whispers, crinkling paper, cat scratches or anything you can imagine. 

You'll find that the ASMR meaning varies greatly from person to person, and some may not ever experience it or understand it at all. If you're lucky enough to experience it, consider it a "low-grade euphoria", full of positive thoughts and actual physical sensations. This term was initially coined back in 2012 by Jennifer Allen, a woman who started a Facebook group dedicated to ASMR and learning more about the subject, while also spreading awareness.

Where Can I Find ASMR? 


The easiest and most accessible place for online stimulation is none other than ASMR YouTube. It's the mecca for these videos and has even been the home to publishing over 13 million of them since 2018. There are many different types of these stimulating and relaxing videos that can fall into categories such as ASMR eating videos, ASMR sleep videos or task videos. 

Task videos can be depictions of household chores, or you'll find yourself watching someone unboxing or unpacking in a show and tell session of sorts. Other videos include sound and movement videos, personal attention and role play videos or binaural videos, which are designed to be listened to on headphones to simulate a 3D environment. 

Beyond YouTube, you'll even find apps for ASMR, especially those who ae designed to help you fall asleep fast. 

How Does Cannabis Tie into ASMR? 

If you're still a bit bewildered by this concept and are still wondering, "Why do people like ASMR?", it's simple. It's all about taking in a stimulus and receiving a positive sensation or reaction that makes the viewer happier or more relaxed. Funny enough, this exact answer can be applied when thinking about why people like cannabis, too. 

THC works with your brain chemistry to alter your mind, awareness of time and sensations through a system called the endocannabinoid system. Here within this system, there are specific receptors that are just waiting to latch onto the THC, where they can then produce changes across the entire neurological system. When THC and the receptors, specifically the CB1 receptor, come together, it mimics a natural chemical called anandamide. This is known as the bliss molecule and from here THC will produce euphoria, relaxation, mood changes and heightened sensory experiences

If your goal is to have a positive, sensory-overload experience with ASMR, adding cannabis into the mix will only amplify and intensify these senses, leading to an even more pleasurable experience. 

Strains to Smoke with ASMR 


Durban Poison 

This strain is one that holds legendary status and is a sativa landrace strain hailing all the way from South Africa. High in the terpene terpinolene, this sweet strain emits a delicious spicy citrus smell that is sure to provide the user with a burst of uplifted energy. Not only will you feel energetic and social, but this sativa will get your mind right - perfect for an intense focus needed when taking in all the sensations that ASMR has to offer. Coming in at 20% THC, roll up with this one to see why it's considered one of the best strains ever. 


This sativa-leaning hybrid isn't for the faint of heart. You'll find that it is considered one of the strongest strains for 2021, while testing with up to 25% THC and is a descendant from the strain Kush by Royal Choice Farms. Just like ASMR delivers a tingling sensation to the viewer, you can expect this strain to double down and do the same thing to the body. With a citrusy and dank smell, this strain that is filled with myrcene and limonene - to name a few - will deliver a cerebral head rush to put your mind and body right. 

Green Crack 

This potent sativa that is a descendent of Skunk #1 is sure to pack a punch in the energy department. With 17% THC and a citrusy aroma, few strains compare to the uplifted and energized effects that this one can deliver. High in myrcene, Green Crack will keep the sharpened focus and invigorating buzz on all day long, proving to be a great daytime strain. This one is great for fighting anxiety and depression, so pairing this with your favorite ASMR video only means good vibes ahead. 

Have you experienced the pleasures of ASMR? Do you think it's worth the hype or not? Let us know your thoughts below. 

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