No Pipe, No Problem: A Full List of Veggies & Fruits You Can Smoke Out Of

No Pipe, No Problem: A Full List of Veggies & Fruits You Can Smoke Out Of

Published on 8/7/22

One of the oldest jokes among stoners is that they always get enough greens. While this usually does not refer to kale salads, there is a strong relationship between pot smokers and fruits and vegetables. Not just in terms of getting a good snack, but because there's a vast number of vegetables to smoke out of. While the apple pipe is the original and best, it turns out that there are many different solutions for those wondering how to smoke without a piece. The vegetable crisper may have some surprising answers the next time you want to switch up your hobby.

An Apple a Day

There's a good reason the apple pipe is the original and best for an exotic smoke session. The process of how to smoke out of an apple is simple: you only need to hollow out the core, pack it full of your most potent bud, and get as high as the space station. The apple adds a lovely taste to the cannabis, accentuating a flavor like Super Lemon Haze or overriding the harsh preference of skunk weed. If you are worried about your rolling prowess, you may find yourself on the side of the fruit in the apple pipe vs. joint debate. When the stoner engineering alternative is something like a plastic water bottle, which leaves a nasty taste, a good set of fruit pipes can be well worth the cost of 89 cents per pound. Here are some of the best fruits and vegetables to use for smoking.


Since the size of a carrot is relatively similar to your standard bowl, there is not much work you need to do to turn it into a smoking instrument. You will need a knife and a sharp, long tool, like a grill skewer. Use the knife to carve out a bowling space in the center of the carrot, then use the skewer to push from the end to the bowl space.



Since potatoes have a rough surface, they are easier to handle than other products and are a great choice when you need to pass the veggie bowl at a party. They also have a greater volume than most other vegetables on this list, meaning that the opening size can be big enough for a double serving.


As you may guess, the challenge of smoking out of watermelon comes in the "water" aspect. You can put the cannabis in the red flesh and taste the sweet fruit, but it's easier to go skin deep and keep the pot dry. Since it's big enough for multiple people to handle it simultaneously, you can poke multiple pipe holes and let all your friends partake.


Can you smoke out of bell pepper? Indeed, it is the right size and has lots of space. However, up the game by smoking out of jalapeno and getting more than the usual kick. If you are too wuss to get the full heat, de-seed the pepper before smoking.


The process of how to make an apple pipe is much the same for a pear. However, pears have some structural advantages: they can have a softer interior, making it easier to carve. Additionally, pears have vertical capabilities, allowing you to put more pot in the same size cut.


When you have run through most produce, the question becomes, what other fruits can you smoke out of? Cantaloupe is a challenge for several reasons. First, it has a more rigid exterior; second, its interior is very damp. However, if you want the fun to be the biggest priority, a cantaloupe is something you will never forget trying to smoke.


The flavoring of a banana is more potent than most other fruits on this list, making it an excellent choice for those who want a rich flavor in their cannabis. However, it is also tough to carve, so you should choose a green banana or frozen banana to do the deed. You can, however, smoke a banana like a joint: hollow out the center and pack it full, with no need for a central bowl.


Citrus fruit will give a kick to your weed, but the structure of an orange presents a roadblock. To smoke out of an orange, you must use brute force to carve a bowl and a tube. Make sure not to take too much rind off, or it will be challenging to get the airflow right.


The ample seed in the center of the avocado makes for a natural bowl place. Unlike other fruits on this list, you need to cut an avocado in half, remove the seed, and then pack it full with your pot. Carve a hole for breathing, and you are set for guacamole ganja.

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