No Pipe, No Problem: How to Make an Apple Pipe in a Pinch

No Pipe, No Problem: How to Make an Apple Pipe in a Pinch

Published on 2/5/22

One of the great things about the cannabis community is its unrivaled creativity. Everything from the names of strains to the process of how to make your own hash has created a "stoner engineering" culture where there is always a creative solution to any problem. If you find yourself without any particular smoking supplies because you've forgotten your shiny new bong at home, fear not: a unique solution is to make an apple pipe, a bowl that requires no further supplies than an ordinary apple and a knife. If you are wondering how to make an apple pipe or why you should try one, here's the process of turning fruit into fun. 

Get the Supplies

As you can imagine, the very first thing you will need is an apple itself if you plan to make an apple bowl. Any apple will do, although you probably want to prioritize two particular factors: first, use an apple whose flavor you like, since it will influence the taste of the smoke, and second, use a cheap apple, since an expensive type may not be worth the hassle. 

You'll also need a knife or a screwdriver, something capable of hollowing out the apple without making too much mess. Finally, of course, you need the cannabis and the lighter itself so that you can figure out how to smoke from an apple using the two most essential ingredients. Choose a strain that has a good taste, such as a kush, to blend in with the apple flavoring, or a strain that is high in THC to have good silly fun with your new bowl. You may want protective gloves if you are not as sure-handed as you think, and a cutting board may also be helpful.

Carving Contest


An apple weed pipe is not difficult to make. Start by removing the stem at the top: this will be the base of the bowl, where you will insert your cannabis. Give it a bit more space by carving out the bowl, digging into the apple "scalp" until you've reached about the middle, creating an empty cone in the top. Ensure that this cone does not have any interior space with a hole leading to the exterior, as you only want one pipeline for air to come in and out.

You do want that pipeline to come from the "equator" of the apple, connecting the bowl space to where you will inhale the cannabis smoke. Make a carb on the other side that is big enough for air to flow in and reach your mouth.

If you want to make an apple bong, it is much more complicated than a simple bowl but can be done with a bigger piece of fruit. You'll need to create a second reservoir beneath the main bowl so you can pour in water, then connect the smoke hole to the water reservoir.

Smoke Session

Now that you've built your apple bowl, it's time to enjoy it. If you are wondering how to smoke out of an apple bowl, the process isn't significantly different from a traditional bowl. Light the cannabis, put your finger on the carb, and inhale until lit, then remove your finger and suck the good stuff down. You might find that the juice runs into your mouth, so have a napkin or towel ready, or else your new bowl may get a bit messy.

Best Strains for Apple Smoking

When it comes to smoking in a new fashion, always choose your favorite strains to make sure you enjoy the process. However, some strains match particularly well with the apple smoking infrastructure.

Sour Diesel is perhaps the original and best, due to its complex flavoring. The citrus taste of Sour Diesel, well known for being very tangy and sharp, is a good complement to the mellow flavor of an apple. If you smoke out of a sour apple, like a Granny Smith, you may not even notice the taste of Sour Diesel and can enjoy the stronger strain without coughing at its taste.

Cookie Monster is downright delicious and sweet, making it a perfect "dessert pairing" with an apple pipe that already provides a sweet flavoring. Cookie Monster is also very high in THC, so it's a fun choice for your new type of smoking apparatus. 

Berry White has a more subtle flavoring, and there's the chance that the apple flavor overwhelms it. However, this fruity concoction makes for an excellent melange, mixed together so well that you can taste the individual flavorings as well as the aftertaste.

Do you enjoy making bowls or bongs out of unusual objects? How have you been a stoner engineer, and what achievements are you most proud of? Let us know in the comments below!

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