Fresh Fruit Filter: How to Make a Watermelon Bong

Fresh Fruit Filter: How to Make a Watermelon Bong

Published on 5/1/22

Smoking cannabis can sometimes become dull and redundant, as we are always reaching for the same consumption device or smoking the same classic strains such as OG Kush, Blue Dream and Granddaddy Purple. If you're a DIY-extraordinaire and want to revive the smoking game, consider making a watermelon bong to bring a refreshing and sweet twist to your next smoking session with pals. 

Why a Fruit Pipe? 

If there is one thing to know about cannabis culture, it is that those who are a part of it will always be thinking on their feet, ready to experiment with any way possible to consume their favorite herb. There isn't a definitive answer as to why cannabis consumers love their DIY, often fruit-forward pipes, but we have a few guesses. 

It may be because the munchies fueled a pilgrimage to the grocery store, prompting the need for every snack food under the sun - and a new project. Fruit pipes, whether it be a watermelon or apple bong, are common for those without rolling papers, who just broke their bong or are looking to light up at a moment's notice. 

Fruit bongs are inexpensive, discreet, and easy to dispose of. What is even better? You won't have to deal with the hassle of cleaning as you do with traditional pieces. 

Other Alternatives 

We touched on it a bit above, but the most common fruit alternative you may see in the movies with teenagers using is the apple bong. You can almost always find an apple in the house, and it's a one-way ticket to getting baked with a fruity twist. Continuing with the food theme, just about any large circular fruit will do. Consider a pumpkin bong for spooky season, or amplify your fruity cannabis strains with a pineapple bong. Smoking weed out of fruit is nothing new, so you might as well honor this stoner tradition. 

Another cannabis trend is rolling up with those flowers your boyfriend gave you, creating a rose blunt. Not only does a rose blunt look classy and cool, but you'll discover a terpene profile rich in linalool to deliver anti-anxiety and sedative properties. 

Watermelon Bong 101

For this fruity adventure, you'll need one watermelon, of course. We suggest opting for a smaller variety to cut down on some time, but if you want to go large, no one is stopping you. You will also need a slide and bowl combo from either your stash of accessories or for purchase at your local head shop. Pro tip: make sure your stem is long enough to reach down into the liquid chamber! Other key tools necessary for making a bong from a watermelon include a chef's knife, a scooping tool (we opt for an ice cream scooper) and a blender. Don't forget your fruity strains to set you down a path of pure delight. Avoid skunky strains with diesel-like aromas, as those will not play well with the sweetness from the watermelon. 

How to Make a Watermelon Bong

  1. Cut off the top of the watermelon, and set it aside. 
  2. Scoop out the juicy insides of the watermelon and blend up in your blender. Set aside. 
  3. Make a hole for the stem with your chef's knife and insert it into the watermelon. 
  4. Pour your blended watermelon juice into the watermelon (instead of water). 
  5. Place the top of the watermelon back on, and cut a hole for inhalation. 
  6. Cut a hole to act as a carb on the main part of the watermelon. This will help control airflow when smoking. 
  7. Rip your watermelon bong and enjoy!

Fruity Weed Strains to Pair with Your Watermelon Bong 

Having just created a fruit-forward DIY bong, you'll want your cannabis strains to match that same energy. Reach for the sativas and the strains with mouth-watering flavor profiles that contain berries, citrus, and sweetness to keep you energized all day long with your newest device. 

Sweet Tart 

Here's a sativa-leaning hybrid that lives up to its name. A cross between Purple Thai and Afghani, this strain will deliver hints of berry and spice that averages around 24% THC. This sweet burst of euphoria will leave any user feeling blissfully numb and relaxed after a long work week. 

Strawberry Cough 

You can't talk about sweet strains without bringing up this mind-altering, potent sativa with mysterious origins. Best known for its sweet aromatics and transporting you into a field of strawberries, this sativa that averages 26% THC will take the cerebral to new heights. Wash away the stresses of the day and accomplish even the most mundane tasks with a smile on your face. 


Sweet and piney, just like the candy cane forest, this sativa-leaning hybrid provides a happy and relaxed high for both medicinal and recreational users. As a cross between Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies, this sweet-like-candy strain is best for daytime use and creative pastimes. 

Do you have a favorite DIY fruit bong? Do you notice a difference in the flavors of the weed? Tell us your best DIY weed stories below.

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