Top 7 Comedy Movies to Watch When You're High

Top 7 Comedy Movies to Watch When You're High

Published on 1/22/22

There are few things in life more simple, stress-free, and enjoyable than sitting down with friends, family, or a significant other to watch a movie, especially when that movie is a comedy full of gut-busting laughs. For viewers that are looking to kick things up a notch, they supplement their regular extra-large beverage and tub full of buttery, delicious popcorn with some top-notch cannabis products as well.

When it comes to movies, especially comedies, they tend to be enhanced by the use of cannabis. The jokes hit harder, the laughs last a little longer, and there's more fun to be had overall. With that in mind, however, you'll want to skip all of the movies that don't exactly meet your usual standard and focus on only the best and funniest ones around. 

That's why we here at Where's Weed have assembled a list of some of the best movies to watch stoned. We've got your back and want to make sure your next cannabis-infused movie night is a banger full of laughs where you know exactly what to watch when high. So without further ado, let's get right into it with the first entry on our list! 


1. Dazed and Confused

Let's start off the list with one of the oldest entries, the Richard Linklater coming-of-age classic Dazed and Confused. Perfectly capturing the vibe of high school life in the 1970s, this film is a love letter to your rowdy teenaged years. Full of partying, drinking, and drug use, this film will make you think back to that first high party you showed up to and tried some pot for the first time. Available for streaming on NBC's Peacock streaming service, Dazed and Confused is easily one of the best movies to watch when high and looking to feel a little bit nostalgic. 

2. Pineapple Express 

There are few movies that capture the attention of stoners, like Pineapple Express. Made for and by devout stoners, this stoner comedy is never a bad option when you're a little bit baked. It's hilarious throughout, simple to follow along with the plot no matter how messed up you are, and full of subtle and not-so-subtle shout-outs to stoner culture. This Seth Rogen and James Franco vehicle is among the shortlist of one of the best movies to watch high on Netflix. We highly recommend checking this one out ASAP if you haven't already.


3. Friday

When you're assembling a list of funny movies to watch high, Friday is sure to be one of the first entries that come to mind. Written and starred in by infamous West Coast gangster rapper Ice Cube, this often crass and always hilarious comedy focused on two unemployed stoners getting high all day and getting ready for a pending fight. From there, hilarity ensues. For those who haven't gotten high and enjoyed one of the best high comedy movies of all time, Friday is available for streaming on HBO Max and Amazon Prime.

4. Half Baked

Despite the recent controversy surrounding him, there's no denying that Dave Chappelle is a funny guy. Arguably one of the GOATS of the stand-up comedy world, Chappelle made his name in part thanks to the stoner comedy he wrote and starred in, Half Baked. The film follows three bubbling stoners that turn to dealing drugs to try to get their friend out of jail before crossing the wrong man and ending up in deep trouble. This stoner comedy is one that if you haven't seen yet while high, you'll want to ASAP. Easily streamable on Peacock and Amazon Prime Video, this stoner comedy classic is one of the best around. 


5. Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle   

After about a decade of stoner comedies leaving the mainstream zeitgeist, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle thrust the genre back into the mainstream. Focused on two weed-smoking roommates played by John Cho and Kal Penn, the movie centers around their weed-fueled trip to fast-food giant White Castle and the hijinx that happen as a result. This one is a stoner classic that's available for streaming on the likes of HBO Max and Prime Video, and we highly recommend doing so! 

6. Up in Smoke

Perhaps the original stoner comedy, the granddaddy of them all, Up in Smoke, is a stoner comedy classic. Starring Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, two of the funniest actors to watch when high and OG stoner icons, the film centers around the two stoner's adventures dodging cops, getting in trouble, and inspiring every stoner comedy to follow. Available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, this stoner comedy classic is one to put on your shortlist of things to watch on a cannabis-fueled movie night.


7. Smiley Face

For the last entry on our list, we want to highlight a female-led stoner comedy. In a genre that's often a sausagefest, this Anna Faris-led stoner comedy centers around an unambitious actress named Jane who goes on a series of cannabis-infused adventures after eating some laced cupcakes. From there, she goes on a series of stoned adventures throughout LA, all while providing laughs for the viewer. Available for streaming on Tubi and Amazon Prime Video, this female-fed stoner comedy is a refreshing look at stoner comedy from the perspective of the fairer sex for once! 

What's your favorite comedy movie to watch while high? Share with us your favorite stoner movies below!

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