7 Hacks to Make Your Weed Last Longer

7 Hacks to Make Your Weed Last Longer

Published on 11/21/22

Going for your stash only to find dry, bad weed is one of the worst feelings ever. You want your bud to be dense, sticky, and full of frosty trichomes, but instead, you come across small flaky leaves and flower that crumbles to dust when you touch it. Not only is this cannabis undesirable to the eye, but it loses the potent aroma, flavor, and effects we're all looking for when we smoke.

This is why it's essential to properly care for your cannabis to ensure that you maintain top-notch quality for as long as possible. Sometimes, you want to make your marijuana stretch for a bit longer than usual to save on cash. Thankfully, there are several ways to prevent dry, "expired" weed - including storage methods, how you smoke, the bud you buy, and more.

Read to learn about a few hacks to make your weed last as long as possible.

Hacks to Make Your Weed Last:

Storing Methods

An airtight glass container is the best method for keeping your pot fresh for the long haul. The main issue that causes weed to dry out or "go bad" is oxidization from exposure, so an airtight lid is paramount for maximum freshness. Besides being fully recyclable, the glass will also preserve the flavor and quality better than plastic. If you want to go incognito, try an opaque jar to hide your stash.

Humidity Packs

When properly curing and storing cannabis, there are many elements to consider, including the relative humidity stored in an airtight container. Having too much moisture will increase the risk of contamination by mold or mildew, and too little moisture will cause the trichomes to dry out. Humidity packs are a great solution to pop in your stash jar to ensure your bud stays top quality for as long as possible. You can adjust the humidity level depending on your environment or the stickiness you prefer.

Keep the Jar Closed

Keeping your stash jar closed as much as possible is one of the simplest ways to keep your weed fresh and last as long as possible. The more time your bud spends in an airtight container, the less chance it will have to oxidize and break down. To do this, take only the amount you need each time you smoke to pop in your grinder and close the jar immediately once you're done. Be sure to pop the lid back on before you smoke to ensure the best results.

Save/Collect Kief

Most grinders these days are three-tiered with a compartment on the bottom called a "kief catcher." This kief catcher holds the secret to super-potent pot and a stash that will last much longer than using just the ground bud alone. Kief itself is the flower's trichomes' dried resin glands, meaning the THC is concentrated in these tiny flakes. Kief is like a rewards system for cannabis - the more you use, the more kief you'll produce to sprinkle in your bowl or roll to increase its potency.

Methods of Smoking

Various smoking methods will also affect how much weed you use and how quickly your stash runs out. A joint is one of the most wasteful weed methods because it uses the most plant material and keeps burning even while you don't hit it. When it comes to smoking, a bong is one of the most effective ways to get high - packing a bigger punch in terms of potency than a joint and allowing you to consume all the smoke from each ignition. If you're open to baking instead of combusting, a flower vape is one of the least wasteful ways to consume. This is because the already vaped bud (sometimes called AVB) is decarboxylated for you once you use it, meaning you can get double the mileage out of the same bud by saving and using your spent material for THC-infused edibles.

CBD and Botanical Spliffs

Though spliffs are most often thought of as mixing cannabis with tobacco, you can also make spliffs out of CBD flower or smokeable herbs and botanicals like lavender and mugwort to make your own lower-THC joints. As mentioned earlier, joints burn through bud unnecessarily because they stay lit between puffs, so rounding it out with other plant material will help you waste less weed. Smoking more CBD will also help you lower your THC tolerance, meaning you'll need less herb to get you toasted.

THC Percentage

The percentage of THC in the weed you smoke is a huge factor in how long your stash will last. When you're smoking high-THC cannabis flower (basically anything above 25%) or dabbing on concentrates (which can go as high as 99%), you'll need a lot less quantity to get high. Try investing in an eighth of the super good stuff and see how much you naturally try to conserve. Though mids may be cheaper for a higher quantity, you may find that investing in high-THC cannabis will help make your weed last longer since you won't buy as frequently - saving you money in the long run.

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