Dab Vocab: Top 30 Dabbing Definitions You Need to Know

Dab Vocab: Top 30 Dabbing Definitions You Need to Know

Published on 1/12/22

For those new to the cannabis industry, the idea of concentrates, dabbing, and the culture surrounding it can be confusing for many. The learning curve can be intense, the terms can be obtuse, and the options overwhelming. For those who are used to just the standard edibles, cannabis flower, and pre-rolls at their local dispensary, dabbing and concentrates can feel like a whole different universe than what they're used to. 

Thankfully we here at Where's Weed have you back. This article is going to serve as your one-stop guide for many terms associated with dabbing, concentrates, and the equipment surrounding it. Think of this as a glossary for all things dabbing and concentrate-based. With that in mind, let's get into some common slang or dabbing terms you'll need to know before taking a rip off of a rig yourself! 

Intro to Dabbing

For those who are unfamiliar with dabbing, the equipment you'll need, and the way things work, we wanted to provide a quick and easy crash course into what dabbing is, what you'll need to use to do it, and why people have gravitated so heavily towards it in recent years. 

In short, dabbing is the slang term for vaporizing and inhaling concentrates. To do that, you'll need a device called a dab rig, which is basically a bong specifically made for getting the most out of waxy concentrates, and a heat source like a torch to heat a dab nail, a piece of metal that's used to vaporize the concentrate itself. If you're looking to be precise with your dosage, you'll also need a tool to measure out the dose of sticky or buttery cannabis concentrate you want. We highly recommend this because of the high concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids found in concentrates. 

Now that you have the basics down, we can focus on some of the more confusing terms you'll need to know when it comes to dabbing, concentrates, and the equipment you'll need to do so!   

Dabbing Terms You'll Need to Know

1. Budder - A slang term referring to the creamy, butter-like texture that some concentrates have. 

2. Boro - Short for borosilicate glassware. The substance is often used when making dab rigs because it can handle scorching hot temperatures without cracking, warping, or breaking. 

3. Butane Hash Oil - the most commonly used extraction form in making cannabis concentrates. Butane strips the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, terpenes, etc.) from the plant matter and forms it into a waxy, buttery, or crumbly consistency.

4. Carb Cap - A tool used to restrict and control the airflow to the concentrate when using your dab rig. Think of it as the lid on a boiling pot to seal the heat in and allow the concentrate to vaporize at a lower overall temperature. 

5. CO2 Oil - A concentrate extraction style that uses high pressure and CO2 to extract the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, terpenes, etc.) from cannabis plant matter. This type of extraction method tends to produce soft or runny concentrates. 


6. Crumble - A slang term for a cannabis concentrate with a crumbly, soft, crunchy consistency.

7. Dabber - A long, thin tool usually made from stainless steel, glass, or titanium that's used to handle and dose cannabis concentrates. This tool makes it easy to take a portion of the concentrate you're using, then easily apply it to the hot nail to vaporize it.

8. Downstem - The tube that lets vapor from the nail go into the chamber of the dab rig, where it can either be cooled by water or inhaled by the user.

9. E-nail - The shortened slang term for an electronic nail, a device that lets users be incredibly precise with the temperature of their dab nail. Instead of being heated with an outside source like a torch, the e-nail is heated up by an internal coil that's temperature setting is decided by the user. 


10. Honeycomb - A slang term for concentrates that take up a soft, honeycomb-like structure and texture after extraction is finished. 

11. Grade 2 Titanium - The material that experts say is the safest and best material for dab nails on the market today. If you want a high-quality dab nail, it should be made of this material. 

12. High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) - The extraction form that produces the highest quality concentrates overall. This method pulls the more psychoactive compounds from the cannabis plant matter and its cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. It creates a concentrate with a syrupy or crystalized mix of consistencies. 


13. Live Resin - A type of terpene-rich cannabis concentrates made from frozen and fresh cannabis plant matter. Instead of being dried after being harvested, these buds are turned into concentrates while they're fresh. This method produces concentrates with a viscous, thick consistency. 

14. Low-Temp Dabs - A method of dabbing that uses lower temperatures than the standard method. Experts argue that this form of dabbing is best because users can inhale the terpenes instead of them being burned off by higher heat. 

15. Percolator - Also called perc or diffuser for short, these devices go inside the dab rig and cool down the vapor on inhalation for smoother, cooler hits for the users.  

16. Pull-and-Snap - A slang term for extracts with a sticky, stretchy, almost gummy-like texture that may snap when bent. 

17. Purge - A slang term for the process of cleaning and removing solvents during the extraction process. This is important because high solvent levels in concentrates are unsafe for the user. 

18. Propane Hash Oil (PHO) - A method of concentrate extraction that uses propane during hydrocarbon extraction. The propane and butane solvent blend is great for producing concentrates with high terpene levels. 

19. Quartz - Often regarded as one of the best materials for dabbing devices and tools to be made of due to its heat resistance and durability. Devices like bangers, carb caps, and inserts are usually made of the material.  

20. Rosin - A form of solvent-less extraction that uses high heat and tremendous pressure to extract cannabis compounds from cannabis plant matter. 


21. Shatter - A slang term for a type of cannabis concentrate that often takes on a glass-like, transparent consistency after extraction. 

22. Wax - A slang term for a cannabis concentrate that takes on a sticky, waxy-like appearance/texture after extraction. 

23. Dewaxing - A process where you use a mechanical method, like dry ice or a Buchner filter, to separate the plant fats and waxes during extraction.

24. Winterized - Using a secondary solvent to remove the waxes and fats from cannabis plant matter. A common solvent that's often used is alcohol.

25. Reclaim - A slang term for the residual oil that builds up on the walls of your dab rig as you use it. This sticky goo can often be collected and vaped again.

26. Blasting -  Slang term for extracting marijuana concentrates using butane, likely originating from the risk of an explosion associated with this extraction method. 

27. Concentrate pipe - A pipe used to inhale marijuana concentrates. Often known for being handheld and more portable than the standard dab rig. 


28. Dab pen -  An electronic device used to dab. Also called a wax pen. Similar to a vape pen purchased at dispensaries. 

29. Ear wax - A slang term for concentrated marijuana, derived from the appearance of certain types of concentrates with waxy, sticky appearances.

30. Ice wax - A slang term for concentrated marijuana that is made using ice water. Often called water hash at dispensaries.

Have you heard of any of these terms before? Did we leave out a few? Let us know below! 

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