Is Jamaica a Good Vacation Destination?

Is Jamaica a Good Vacation Destination?

Published on 11/24/22

After a few years of feeling closed off from the rest of the world, we are excited to start planning trips again. If you're looking for your next vacation destination, we have an excellent recommendation: Jamaica. If you're wondering, "is Jamaica worth visiting," our answer is a resounding "yes!" One of the best spots to take a break and explore (and smoke some amazing weed), Jamaica has a ton to offer. Here are our biggest reasons for you why you should set your eyes on Jamaica for your next trip.

Cannabis and Jamaica

Few places on earth have a stronger cultural connection to marijuana than Jamaica. If you ask, "what is Jamaica famous for," the top answers will probably be reggae, rum, gorgeous beaches, laid-back resorts, Rastafarian culture, and cannabis (known mostly as "ganja" in Jamaica).

Despite this tie to cannabis, it was only first introduced to Jamaica in the mid-1800s, imported from India during British rule. It quickly became popular but was outlawed with the Ganja Law of 1913. This didn't stop the plant from gaining popularity, and the Rastafari movement (a religious and cultural movement) began to consider the cannabis plant sacred. Later, Jamaica would become the first country to legalize cannabis for religious purposes, thanks to the Rastafari movement.

The connection between Jamaica and cannabis didn't blow up internationally until the rise of Bob Marley in the 1960 and 70s; Marley was a Rastafarian convert that put cannabis and the Rastafarian culture on the world stage. Over 50 years later and Jamaica is still widely known for its ganja.

The Legality of Weed in Jamaica

Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not fully legalized in Jamaica. Fortunately, a lot of progress has been made over the last decade. In fact, the Jamaican government recently began a campaign to provide new resources and educate the public about cannabis and its many benefits in order to push for eventual legalization. Better yet, getting legal cannabis as a tourist in Jamaica is relatively simple.

Cannabis was entirely illegal in Jamaica until 2015, when the Dangerous Drug Act was revised to allow for the creation of medical marijuana dispensaries (aka Herb Houses) and decriminalization of cannabis. While decriminalization doesn't make weed legal, it does make it so that use or possession in public only costs a fine of 500 Jamaican dollars (roughly USD 3.30). Of course, getting caught with more than two ounces will result in a much higher fine and potential jail time.

Medical cannabis has been available in Jamaica since 2018, and tourists can purchase a medical ID for about 10 USD upon arrival at the airport or at the dispensaries themselves (qualification is very easy to establish). Jamaican medical dispensaries also accept United States medical ID cards!

Top Eight Reasons to Vacation to Jamaica

Montego Bay

Of all the places to visit in Jamaica, if you want the quintessential tourist experience, there's no better spot than Montego Bay. A major cruise ship port on Jamaica's north coast, this city is known worldwide for its stunning beaches and scenic golf courses. You can also visit several prominent herb houses if you want to partake in the local ganja!


You'll also want to visit Jamaica's capital city, Kingston. This city also has a colorful nightlife, a prominent art scene, and many herb houses - they even have a Star Buds! If you're looking for the best city in Jamaica to vacation in, this is where we'd suggest you go to get the most flavor.

Beaches and Surfing

There are plenty of reasons why the answer to "is Jamaica a good tourist destination is "yes," but one of the most prolific and enjoyable is its beaches. The calmest beaches in Jamaica can be found outside of Montego Bay at Doctor's Cave and Seven Mile beaches in Negril - these are great for relaxing and snorkeling. If you're looking to Jamaica beaches for surfing, you can't go wrong with the iconic Boston Bay.

Waterfalls and Getaways

Of all the Jamaica attractions, Dunn's River Falls, Blue Hole, Ocho Rios, and YS Falls are among some of the country's most sought-after experiences. All of these destinations offer unforgettable swimming and scenic hikes, and there are plenty of tours and day trips you can take advantage of to get out there.

The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

This unbelievable mountain range was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, for good reason. The jungles wrapped around and upon these mountains are filled with unique wildlife and unparalleled views. Fortunately, there are plenty of guided experiences that will take you through this mystical place - we highly recommend it.

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Are you familiar with Jamaica? Let us know why you think Jamaica vacations are great, and what you suggest people experience on their first trip. Comment below!

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