How to Help Someone Who's Too High

How to Help Someone Who's Too High

Published on 11/13/21

Smoking cannabis is most often a euphoric, uplifting and overall joyful experience for the user. People often consider cannabis their medicine of choice, as the herb brings them to new heights and can even be considered something of a religious experience. However, we all either have a story ourselves or know someone who has gotten way too high on edibles, hit way too big of a bong rip, or simply did not have a great time during that one smoking session. Below we'll explain how to get rid of a high and what steps you can take to counteract THC.  

Symptoms of Being Too High

Most of the highs that someone experiences are characterized by a blissful, dreamy and relaxing day, yet that isn't always the case. Like any substance that you put into the body, there are definitive negative side effects that can occur when you're not being careful or consume too much THC, among many other factors. 

First off, being too high can cause disorientation, dizziness and just general weakness and confusion. This is a sustained and overpowering sensation due to the fact that THC works within the brain to alter your perception of things around you, making it extremely difficult to stand, walk or even simply function normally. 

Sweating or getting the chills is another dead giveaway that you're too baked. This happens because cannabis can affect the way your body regulates its temperature and can also interact with your blood pressure to make you feel one of these two extremes while consuming cannabis. 

Perhaps the worst symptom of all when it comes to being far too high is cannabis-induced paranoia. You're sure that everyone is out to get you, that everyone is talking about you and that for whatever reason, you're about to be in huge trouble for being high. When you consume cannabis, your brain receives far more cannabinoids than usual which in turn can overstimulate the amygdala which results in fear and anxiety. 

Other symptoms of being too high include accelerated or irregular heartbeat, tingling or numbing sensations and nausea. 

How to Sober Up from Weed

If you (or a friend!) didn't follow the golden rule of starting slow and going low, read below for some helpful tips and tricks.

Water is Your Best Friend


Hydration is key in virtually every situation. When thinking about how to get rid of a high fast, making that dry mouth go away can lead to much more comfortable and sober times ahead, as it is one of the most common signs of being high. Slowly sipping on some water and focusing on that particular task can help one recalibrate the mind and dip out of that stoned state, sooner. A light, protein-packed snack can't hurt either and may provide some much-needed sustenance. 

Take Some CBD

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past year, you already know that CBD is a wonder substance that has so many therapeutic benefits including its notable anti-anxiety properties. CBD actively regulates your body's response to stress and can work with THC to counteract the high. A few drops of a CBD tincture can help wash all your friend's worries away. 

Get Walking

There may not be concrete evidence to support this, but if your friend is too baked but can still walk, get them outside! Fresh air simply does wonders for the brain and taking in some different surroundings than a stuffy, hazy apartment will be great to get the body and blood flow moving a bit. 

Try Black Peppercorn


Telling your buddy to chew on some peppercorns or mix it in with some water may confuse their already stoned mind, but it's an innovative way on how to come down from a high. Black peppercorns contain terpenes, which are compounds that are responsible for aromas and taste, while also providing therapeutic properties. Peppercorns are high in caryophyllene, which will relax and reduce any anxiety your friend is having from the weed. 

Soak in a Bath

So, your friend who never indulges in cannabis just ate an entire edible in one bite. No one wants to have one of those stories, so you're already thinking ahead about how to recover from edibles and how you can help your friend in a few hours. Soaking in a bath can do wonders for anxiety and for the friend that has weed-induced chills. While soaking, they will be able to really relax and drift off into the ultimate chill space. Add some essential oils or even throw in a CBD-infused bath bomb with some relaxing music playing in the background. 

Distract The Mind 

Our final tip for how to stop being high may be the most obvious one, but the most effective one. Quieting the mind and getting out of one's own head is likely the most effective thing you can tell a friend, yet that is always easier said than done. Distracting the mind may look like completing mundane tasks, using a meditation app, or watching a funny Netflix show. Instead of having your friend sit around waiting for the high to end, make engaging conversation and show them some funny Tik Toks to get their mind off it all. 

Do you have that one friend that always gets too stoned? Have you tried these remedies to help calm them down? Any tips for us? Tell us below. 

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