Is it Safe to Smoke Weed Around My Pets?

Is it Safe to Smoke Weed Around My Pets?

Published on 4/27/22

We consider our pets an extension of ourselves. They do everything we do - they go on vacation with us, are by our side throughout the day, and even sleep with us. We share so much with our furry friends, but when it comes to smoking weed around pets and giving them cannabis - this is a significant thing that we should avoid. Marijuana is still relatively new in the mainstream and there are probably a few burning questions you have. Is marijuana smoke bad for cats? Can dogs get high? Can cats get high off weed? Keep reading because these are just a few questions we'll answer below. 

A Dark Side of Legalization 

Today, marijuana is legal in 19 states, Washington D.C., Guam - and counting. While increased legalization throughout the country equates to positive changes such as job creation and a decrease in the overpopulation of jails, there, unfortunately, is still a dark side. While cannabis use has increased, what hasn't caught up is education around the substance, the dos and don'ts of who can have it, and what to do when cannabis gets into the wrong hands

The likes of cats and dogs smoking weed have increased with legalization. Pet Poison Control has seen an increase in the number of calls from pet owners seeking help from marijuana intoxication. While most cases are accidents, many people don't know what signs to look out for and how to help their pets. 

Can Cats Get High From Weed Smoke? Is Marijuana Smoke Bad for Dogs?


Even though your pet may not seem completely baked at the time, it is 100% possible for your dog or cat to get high from cannabis. This can either happen through directly ingesting the weed or through secondhand smoke consumption. When it comes to dogs specifically, they have many more cannabinoid receptors than humans do, which means they feel the effects much more intensely. While a stoned pet may sound like a fun experiment, if you're unsure about the question, "Can dogs smoke weed?" - leave the herb for the humans. 

Know the Signs 

If your furry friend has consumed cannabis, it is safe to assume that they will get high, and you should plan accordingly. While your dog may seem lazy and sleepy all day long, there are a few tell-tale signs to be on the lookout for in case they've gotten into that fresh batch of weed brownies. The signs include

  • Confused look and dazed, glazed over eyes
  • Unsteady movements and uneven balance
  • Nervousness and paranoia
  • Dilated pupils
  • Low heart rate and temperature
  • Incontinence

What To Do If Your Pet Consumes Marijuana


If your pet gets into your stash or is way too close to your smoking session with friends, you need to have a plan of action. However, remember that weed intoxication rarely results in a fatality for the pet - so stay calm! 

First and foremost, call a vet. A trained professional will tell you if you need to bring your dog in and can help you through the process. Make sure to keep track of the symptoms, as this will also help the vet determine toxicity levels and any other relevant dangers. 

With cannabis, what is paramount is whether the cannabis has been fully absorbed into the body. If THC has been absorbed, it is too late to induce vomiting, and the vet will then administer IV fluids, other supportive care, or use activated charcoal to neutralize the toxins. If the THC hasn't been absorbed, vomiting can be induced and would typically be caught within 1-2 hours from being exposed.

Is CBD Okay for Pets?


In this article, we've answered many questions about THC and animals. What symptoms are associated with intoxication? Can cats have weed? Is marijuana bad for cats and dogs? We now know that cannabis and animals shouldn't mix, but what about the cousin to cannabis, CBD

We all know that CBD is everywhere these days and can be used to treat multiple ailments and anxiety disorders in humans, but will it do the same for pets? We touched on this above, but animals and humans share the same cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Therefore, the effects of CBD on humans will be mirrored in animals and can help combat anxiety, relieve pain, and treat seizures. For your nocturnal cat with a crazy sleep schedule, consider dosing them with CBD to help manage their sleep

As always, please consult with your veterinarian before dosing your furry friend with our favorite, non-psychoactive remedy. 

Tips to Keep Your Furry Friends Safe 

  1. Always keep your cannabis in a lockable, durable container. Not only will this keep the beloved bud fresh, but it will also act as a defense against your pet trying to get into your stash. You can find these at any price point, and they can even be used for travel. 
  2. Just as you like to get high, keep that same mindset when stashing your weed. Keep the bud out of reach in places like kitchen cabinets or on the top of a very tall dresser in your room. 
  3. Live in a place where cannabis is legal? Keeping your stash locked in the trunk of your car will satisfy the laws in most states. 

Has your pet got into your stash before? What symptoms were present? How was the situation taken care of? Tell us your story below. 

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