The 4 Best Types of Joint Filters

The 4 Best Types of Joint Filters

Published on 11/11/22

Not everyone is convinced of the necessity of a joint filter, but there are many benefits of using them to enhance your smoking experience and increase the stability of your joint. While some use them for actual smoke and plant matter filtration, others prefer them simply as a mouthpiece. Sometimes also called "crutches" and "tips," filters come in a wide variety of materials to suit every type of stoner.

What Are Joint Filters?

Filters on joints are mouthpieces, some with more levels of filtration than others, for use when smoking a joint, spliff or blunt. Typically, one inserts the filter either before or after rolling the joint (based both on preference and design of the tip) before putting their mouth on that end and lighting the other. While there is some debate in the cannabis community about filter or no filter joints, there are many benefits to adding a filter to your cannabis or CBD joints.

What Are Filter Tips Used For?

For starters, joints with filters are much easier to roll. Joint filters make rolling the perfect joint easier. Filters and crutches provide support for your rolling papers, allowing you to get leverage while you roll without the paper collapsing into a smushed mess. This leads to a far more stable and compact joint and lessens the learning curve of those in the process of learning how to roll a joint.

Joint filters help increase the airflow, leading to more even and consistent tokes throughout the entire joint. This increased airflow will also allow you to take bigger hits and thus inhale more THC. It's also essential to avoid scorching your fingers when you're lighting up. Joint filters act as a buffer between your lips and the burning flower, allowing you to smoke it down to the very last bit instead of having to ditch the roach.

Finally, joint filters - as their name suggests - filter the smoke, reducing the harshness of the smoke and the possibility of sucking up extra plant matter by mistake.

Types of Filters

There are many different kinds of filters for joints you can buy depending on the experience you're looking for. These crutches can be made of glass, silicone, paper, and even organic materials like corn husk and cotton to protect your fingers and lungs. Here are some of our favorite joint filters.



Silicone tips are great for their indestructibility and ability to combine with other filtration systems. The MouthPeace Mini is a silicone joint mouthpiece fitted with an activated charcoal filter in a small, discrete size. Designed to fit standard pre-rolls on one side and larger blunts and vaporizers on the other, the MouthPeace Mini is quite versatile for any toker, and the silicone material makes it safe to bring anywhere. Thanks to activated carbon's antibacterial properties, this filter collects resins, contaminants, and tar to enhance the flavor and purity of your hit without blocking your intake. Even better, they come in various colors so everyone in your crew can have one of their own.



Paper filters are likely the most common for use in filtered joints. Though it does require a touch of know-how, learning how to roll your own joint filter is super easy once you get the hang of it. Zig Zag Original Tip Filters are biodegradable and 100% unbleached, making them an excellent choice for the eco-conscious stoner. They offer a width of 18mm and multure perforation lines to make rolling any shape you like easier than ever. Just roll it up and slip it in the end of your joint before you roll to get a steady end to your joint that you won't have to worry about disposing of. Zig-Zag proudly states that all of its paper products are vegan-friendly and GMO, dye, and chlorine-free.


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As smoke passes through a glass joint filter, it comes into contact with the glass - leaving behind the contaminants in the smoke and cooling down the temperature. The tips from W'cked Glass can be used on both pre-rolls by simply slipping them in afterward or rolling them into your joints. These filters also protect your fingers from heat, eliminate wasting bud, and make it much easier to pass to your palls. From long-winding Curella DeVille-like holders to tiny nubs, glass is a great option for elegant stoners. For an accessory to add to your everyday smokewear, check out Gordo Scientific Rip Tips.

Corn Husk

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Corn husk filters provide more filtration than the most popular glass and paper options. Corn husk helps remove sticky resin from smoke, allowing a cleaner and smoother hit. Like paper, they are typically single-use and biodegradable. King Palm's Corn Husk Filters are uniquely designed to ensure no bud will slip through at all and can be compressed for an even cooler smoke. You can roll your own joints with filters by slipping these in before you seal the joint up.

What are your favorite parts about using a joint filter? What's your go-to crutch type? Let us know in the comments below!

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