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Marijuana mints for microdosing: This common candy makes for a smarter, smoother high

Fun Posted Feb 7 2017

While some companies are trying to make the strongest marijuana products in the industry, other companies like Breez Original Mints are focusing on how to make the perfect edible that gives the user better understanding and control of their cannabis high. Instead of edibles with a heavy dose of THC, these companies are creating low-dose mints at 5mg, 2.5mg, and even 1mg each, allowing the user to dose small amounts at a time making it easier to avoid a heavy couch-lock high. One of the prize-features of these mints are their remarkable ability to 'hit' the user in minutes instead of hours, which can lead inexperienced users to take too much out of impatience. Those who are new to edibles may overdo their first experience, making for an uncomfortable high, but these mints have created a unique and new market for everyone to carefully dictate their preferred dose.

Contrary to the wait-and-see metabolizing that edibles experts are used to, mints waste no time in delivering their effects: As Business Insider reports, "most of the THC gets absorbed sublingually, or through the cheeks and under the tongue," meaning you feel the dose in "minutes, not hours." 

If you're wondering what weed can do for you and want an easy, low-stakes way to try it out, mints are the way to go. They provide a great framework for understanding your ideal dose and THC limits, and in a format that requires no smoking paraphernalia, with no inconvenient logistics or embarrassing smells.

Also, unlike many edibles, they actually taste as described. A smooth, subtle high and fresh breath? That's a winning combination.  

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