Cannabis Video Marketing: Key to Online Success

Cannabis Video Marketing: Key to Online Success

Published on 10/5/20

With so many marketing avenues available to cannabis companies in 2020, it doesn't take much for a brand to fall into the habit of simply updating posts to social media and calling it a day. If you want to reach as wide of an audience as possible, though, producing original video content will bring in new engagement and help build your brand's personality. With an HD camera and video editing software sitting in all of our pockets, producing quality video content has never been easier.

Hitting record and walking through your grow room or opening an eighth on camera might seem easy, but like any new endeavor, there are a few secrets, tips, and tricks that will make your marijuana marketing videos stand out in the crowd. In this article, we'll cover the basics of video marketing for cannabis brands, what types of content you might want to produce, some hints for making your videos as quality as possible, and lastly, where to post and distribute your new video segments.

Why Video Marketing Is Beneficial for Cannabis Brands

In the last few years, you've probably noticed a shift in how we consume media. From your phone to your computer and even gas station pumps, short, quick-hitting video content is everywhere you look. In a market study from analysts at the firm Animoto, 93% of marketers reported landing a new customerthanks to video marketing initiatives. For cannabis companies, those high engagement levels, be it on Instagram, YouTube or your website, are a great way to direct attention to your brand. Especially with such hi-tech video cameras on every smartphone, the investment into producing original content is so low that returns like that are a no-brainer. In addition to low overhead and phenomenal return on investment, producing your own video content allows you to highlight parts of your business that might have previously gone overlooked, from engaging employees to behind-the-scenes cultivation or manufacturing shots.

Different Types of Successful Video Marketing

Once you've decided that you are going to produce video marketing content, the next step is to brainstorm ideas for what you want to share. Luckily, there are plenty of options for video content, with customers all over the world interested in the cannabis industry. At the top of the list, there is no better way to entice your audience than with product shots. Steady walks through a grow room, an in-depth look at the trimming process or a 360-degree view of the trichomes on your latest strain are all ways to showcase fresh product on social media sites.

If you want to go a little more in-depth, educational videos about your company's productalong with employee introductions and peeks at your in-house company culture do well to present and communicate your brand's personality and values. While your company's product and employees are your most readily-available subject matter, you can also film customer testimonials or get creative with your promotional videos. At the end of the day, there are no firm rules for video content marketing, and whether you're posting on Twitter, YouTube, or your company website, the key to video marketing is exploring what makes your brand unique and sharing it with the world.

5 Tips for Making Quality Video Content

Quality Comes First

With such rapid developments in video recording technology over the past 10 years, there is no excuse for low-quality video content. Whether you decide to shoot your marketing videos on a cell phone or a DSLR, make sure to read the manual, watch tutorials, and familiarize yourself with your equipment as much as possible. Invest in tripods, lights, and other accessories that will make your videos look top-tier. And if you eventually decide that video will be the main marketing tool for your brand, there is no substitute for hiring a professional videographer to take your company to the next level.

Keep It Short and Sweet

There is so much video content circulating these days that attention spans are shortening by the hour. That means that for your videos to actually connect with viewers, keeping them on the short side will ensure that your viewers stick around to watch. To give you a clear idea of how quick users jump from video to video, on YouTube, 70% of watching is done from mobile devices. Videos that are 20-30 seconds in length are ideal according to HubSpot.

Consistency Counts

Viewers might not stick around for super long videos, but they do expect consistency in output. So while cannabis plants may take months to mature, video content should be produced and released on a regular schedule, giving your customers and fans something to look forward to. That could mean a weekly growth update on social media or your website, a regularly recurring interview, dispensary visits or any number of frequent uploads. If you go too long without posting content, though, you run the risk of losing the viewers you worked so hard to attract.

Editing Is Essential and Easy to Learn

Because video equipment is so easy to use, it can often feel like hitting record on your phone and uploading the resulting file to Instagram is all it takes to go viral. In a professional setting, though, it is always best to spiff up your videos in editing before sharing them with the world. Just as mobile cameras have improved in the past decade though, so too has editing software. Now, with the help of an easy app or online editing platform, you can add effects, transitions, captions, and so much more.

Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Making videos for marketing purposes might seem like a serious endeavor, but in the current era of content overload, standing out takes a bit of fun and creativity. Especially in the cannabis industry, where decades of counter-culture expression is still engrained in the community, experimentation, humor, and a generally light-hearted approach should be embraced instead of shunned.

Where to Share Your Videos

So where should your videos go? In the simplest terms - everywhere. Before you start producing video content your company should already have a handful of active social media pages, a website, and a presence on dispensary locator websites. Once you have video content to share, start there. Putting your marketing material on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Tik-Tok with pertinent hashtags will get you a quick dose of viewers. Additionally, uploading your videos to your website will let your tried and true customers keep up with what's going on at your brand.

Next, set up a YouTube page. Not only does YouTube have a large and growing cannabis community of its own, but having your videos on the massive platform will let you easily embed and share your content across a number of platforms, including your own website. YouTube analytics also make it easy to check out your engagement numbers and communicate with viewers in the comments.

Have you tried video marketing for your cannabusiness? What strategies have you found successful? Let us know in the comments!

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