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Two distinct questions: Whether to legalize marijuana in Ohio, and how

Legalization Posted Apr 18 2015

Ohio is expected to be one of the many states this year to approve of a vote for medical marijuana legalization in November, but may also be one of the few who legalize marijuana recreationally. The group, ResponsibleOhio claims their plan will boost tax revenue for the state by half a billion dollars, create 10,000 jobs, and stop money from going to drug cartels while keeping drugs off of the street where it's accessible by even children. 

The amendment would authorize adults to carry as much as an ounce of marijuana, to grow as many as four plants at home, and to possess as much as eight ounces for personal use. Its advocates insist that it includes tough safeguards to prevent Ohioans younger than 21 from buying, possessing, and consuming marijuana


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