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Opposing Chris Christie, New Jersey Senators Want To Legalize Marijuana

Legalization Posted Nov 13 2015

Despite his recent signing of a bill allowing child medical marijuana patients to have access at public schools, Chris Christie stands very firm on his stance that all drugs should be illegal. The state's governor may not want legal marijuana, but his fellow legislators do. A new bill introduced in New Jersey would legalize recreationally, give the state a new source of tax revenue, and bring the drug out of the black market. A hearing this week to discuss the bill was heavilly attended by advocates who want the state to see progress. Currently to participate in New Jersey's medical marijuan program you must have one of the few diseases that qualify, drive to one of the only 5 dispensaries in the state, and pay $200 to gain access to one of the dispensaries.

As reported by, the Democratic-controlled New Jersey Legislature is taking steps towards introducing a law that would allow those over the age of 21 to purchase marijuana, whether or not they have a medical marijuana license. Like the laws passed in other states, the consumption of marijuana in public would still be illegal.

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