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Logan Marijuana Decriminalization Heads to the Ballot

Legalization Posted Aug 12 2016

Last year the city of Logan, Ohio failed to pass the ordinance to remove marijuana from the controlled substances list as well as keep possession of under 200 grams a minor misdemeanor with no fines or jail time. This year the city will have another chance to pass the ordinance as the Hocking County Board of Elections approves the signatures for the group, Sensible Logan. Last year's ordinance gained 43% of the vote, just shy of the amound needed to pass, but advocates are confident that this year will be different. With the presidential election bringing out more voters and the awareness of the ordinance having expanded since last year, Sensible Logan has a chance. If passed, the ordinance will also protect those in possession of hashish, which can refer to many concentrated cannabis products. Those caught with over 200 grams will receive a fifth-degree felony with no jail time or fines. 

The proposed ordinance would repeal sections of the municipal code that makes marijuana a part of the trafficking in controlled substances, drug possession, permitting drug abuse, illegal dispensing of drug samples and drug paraphernalia criminal charges. It would also remove sections on prohibiting the cultivation of marijuana, and current mandatory fines in the law.

“We have left the law as written, except that (the court) can’t fine you,” Keeney said. “It’s a mark on your record, but there’s no sentence.”

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