Medical marijuana amendment approved

Medical marijuana amendment approved

Published on 11/13/16

Over the election, Florida was one of many states to legalize medical marijuana. Patients suffering from debilitating conditions will soon have access to medical marijuana Regulations must be set by July 2017 under The Florida Department of Health. The months following, marijuana businesses are expected to be registered and patients will start receiving medical marijuana cards. A similar measure barely failed in florida 2 years ago, and despite even more support this year, there were several opponents putting up an aggressive anti-marijuana campaign including a Repubilcan senator who used his campaign funds for anti-marijuana advertising. 

Barnhart said she doesn’t believe much has changed in the last two years — except that more people have heard stories of patients and their families.

“For people who don’t have experience with this, and who are voting entirely based on the information and stories they receive from us and patients and families throughout the state, we’re extremely grateful for that faith,” she said

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